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Is there a video tutorial on using 2X2 coil array? Can two be used with two A9’s?

There’s no tutorial because it is very easy: Just place the 2x2 array over the area where you want to stimulate with PEMF. No secret frequencies or fraudulent nonsense like that, just start with the default settings, which for the A9 are easy: it will be Omni-8 pulse pattern, set intensity to “M” or “H”, use every day for at least 6 to 8 hours. Individuals vary, so keep track of your response, adjust coil array position, record the response, etc. People typically find a setup that works for them within a few days at most.

Yes, you can use as many A9s each with a 2x2 coil as you want. They do not interfere. We know of one person who uses seven A9’s with 2x2 arrays at the same time at locations all over her body, with excellent results.


yikes, wouldn’t 2 c5s be more cost effective with even fewer wires (if you include AC adapters) than using 7 a9s?? :astonished:

She was doing this before I developed the C5. That’s one of the reasons I ended up developing multi-channel devices like the B5 and C5.

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Any data on PEMF for receding gums?

Does PEMF stimulate stem cells in a joint when the coils are on a joint?

How does PEMF heal joints?

How can I use the Micro Pulse M1 for overall health and longevity?

Can you use the M1 for increasing testosterone?

Thanks Bob!

Bob, I meant these for topics for the youtube videos

Sure, thanks, this is a good a place to answer these questions directly. I’ll also make individual videos for YouTube on each of these topics, but this will help me to get started on thinking about them:

Receding gums: No specific data on receding gums, but a lot of anecdotal comments, very often as an afterthought appended to a discussion of something entirely different. Many people (including myself) have noted quick and excellent results for issues around the teeth, gums, and mouth. The general pattern seems to be: do a bit of careful cleaning of the area to help dislodge any irritants, apply ICES-PEMF (usually stacked coils, Omni8 or Alpha Wave, intensity 9 to 11 usually), often applied in the evening or over night, and very often within a few hours there seems to be a noticeable improvement. This seems to be generally true for issues related to teeth and gums. If you try it specifically for receding gums, it would be great to hear about how well it worked.

How does PEMF heal joints: The fundamental action of PEMF appears to be the reduction of pathologic chronic inflammation to enable normal tissue recovery. So, it is better to think of PEMF as something that improves the physiologic conditions to promote normal healing, rather than as an external force that “heals something”. Thinking along these lines, my conceptualization is that healing in joints is facilitated by PEMF by suppressing pathologic inflammation and swelling. This allows normal healing processes to occur. But the “normal” healing rate for joint tissues is extremely slow, so it is not likely that PEMF would drive the healing process quickly in terms of joint healing. PEMF just helps to facilitate what is normally a slow, natural process.

How to use ICES-PEMF for overall health and longevity: My strategy has been to use ICES-PEMF early and often to quickly deal with injuries. One thing is for sure: as we get older, injuries can get progressively worse rather than just getting better as they did when we were younger. So, immediately after an injury or at the first sign of trouble, I use ICES-PEMF to minimize the recovery time and to minimize the initiation and spread of pathologic inflammation. As we get older, it seems apparent that small, non-healing injuries lead to progressively more serious problems when allowed to settle into a chronic state. ICES-PEMF can help prevent this acute-to-chronic transition process, and the subsequent local-to-systemic spread, so that is how I use it. As a result, I have retained (and helped many others to regain and retain) good, pain-free function of the body and limbs, which leads to a more active lifestyle, which leads to much better overall health and longevity.

ICES-PEMF for increasing testosterone: I don’t have any data to suggest that ICES-PEMF directly increases testosterone, but indirectly it can certainly help. Here is how:
By minimizing chronic injury and shortening recovery time from injury, people can be more active and exercise more.
-Weight bearing exercise then becomes a viable option for people who would otherwise avoid it because of the risk (or reality) of injury.
-Weight-bearing exercise is firmly known to improve all aspects of aging and hormone balance.

In summary, it is clear that ICES-PEMF allows many people to engage in a lifestyle that promotes health and longevity.


Thank you Bob! Very helpful.

Is it possible the coils can target the stellate ganglion. In multiple studies targeting it with red light, low intensity ultrasound or ultrasound guided stellate ganglion blocks, it has been shown to massively help improve long covid and help to reset autonomic dysfunction, sympathetic hyperarousal, excessive immune activation.

Best settings for strengthening ligaments, increasing density of connective tissue fibres

yes, my suggestion:
Stack coils bumpy-side-to-bumpy-side
Tape them together
Place them over the point where they applied red light or ultrasound to target the stellate ganglion.

Try an intensity setting of 11 or 12, pulse protocol of Omni-8 or Alpha Wave

good luck and please let us know how well it worked (or not)


Hi Jamle, curious to know if you tried Bob’s suggestion and what the outcome is/was. I have referred Long Covid and ME/CFS patients for Stellate Ganglion Block with good results. But it is very expensive so a PEMF alternative would be great. Thanks
David K

I would suggest making others aware of this forum so they can read and see replies of others utilizing the equipment under various topics.

Hi @Bob, given your study on seed germination with ICES PEMF, how do you reconcile those results with your layman explanation that it is not like an “external force that heals something?” I am NOT trying to suggest using language like “healing.” Based on my experiences with your ICES PEMF products, I am beginning to think there is more to ICES PEMF than just lowering inflammation. In my layman language, I think of it as a regenerative signal that cells respond to and leads to regeneration to the extent that the body can (dependent on many other variables like sleep, mitochondria, vitamins and minerals, etc).

Hi @TajD, First, I want to agree and say that I think there is way more going on than just the reduction of inflammation. As a practical matter, I use PEMF (and more recently near IR light) for those many other benefits. As just a regular person trying to stay healthy, I think the same way everyone else does: do this or that to achieve a desired outcome.

When interpreting data or planning scientific experiments, I have to think an entirely different way. Each word has to have a very specific, strict, quantifiable meaning.

But people use specific words very differently in general conversation versus in the formulation of scientific hypotheses or the interpretation of data. This causes a lot of problems. Without going further into this example, I can tell you that approximately 100.00% of the problems we had with public health and safety debates spanning 2020 to 2022 were because public officials made statements using words that have very strict scientific meanings, but people argued the issues using these words with their common use meanings. Both sides failed to see this egregious error, and millions of people died, billions of people suffered, trillions of dollars were lost, as a result.

So, I am very careful to try to use words correctly in the context of any specific conversation. I make mistakes, but I try my best.

To your question:
I think the key distinction is the use of the word “force”. I prefer the concept of “signal” because ‘force’ suggest coercion, whereas ‘signal’ is much more nuanced and suggests mechanisms involving information, guidance, enabling conditions, and so forth.

Why does this matter?
For everyone trying to get or stay well, the distinction is not too important because it is enough to know that doing ‘A’ results in ‘B’:

  • If you stick to a good diet, you will be more healthy
  • If you exercise, you will get stronger and live longer
  • If you study, you will get smarter

All of those things are true. But I think that forcing something to happen is very different from giving guidance, information, and enabling conditions. As a practical matter, with no need to understand why those things are true, sure, you can force yourself or your kids or other people you control to do the right things***. For most people under most circumstances, that is enough; they simply need to know: what do I need to do right now?

(*** or maybe you can’t force the issue, maybe some people need to understand why they need to do something before they are willing to do it)

But I am not just trying to follow the right advice and force myself to force a desired biological outcome.

I need to understand the underlying biophysical mechanisms so that I can formulate scientific hypotheses, test these hypotheses, and optimize the system using scientific understanding of the mechanisms. So, to me, the difference between the concepts of ‘force’ and ‘signal’ is huge.

The reason I get so technical when people ask me certain question is that I am in the middle of a decades-long intellectual struggle to understand the biophysical mechanisms of PEMF, and that requires extreme clarity and attention to detail. If I do not strictly adhere to that very high standard, I will get nowhere scientifically.

So, you ask “given your study on seed germination with ICES PEMF, how do you reconcile those results with your layman explanation that it is not like an “external force that heals something?” I would say that in the case of seed germination, PEMF provides only a signal to initiate the germination process, but PEMF does not force germination to happen. I suspect the mechanism may be that PEMF alters the threshold (information or signal) to initiate germination, maybe by a stochastic mechanism (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stochastic_resonance_(sensory_neurobiology))

This signal might normally originate from a constellation of other factors that coalesce to achieve a threshold for germination, factors such as warmth, moisture, sunlight, length-of-day. PEMF may have a stochastic influence on the thresholds for these factors that would signal each seed that it is time to germinate. The key distinction is that PEMF influences a signal, but it does not force anything to happen.

With this in mind, you can begin to formulate testable hypotheses about the types of signals, the molecular mechanisms that might be involved, etc. And with this, you can advance the science.

But if you think of PEMF as an external forcing function, then intellectually you go down a completely different road which I think is much less likely to yield meaningful scientific insight. This is based on my scientific judgement, using the available facts and observations, and of course I could be wrong.

Right at this point it would get sharply more technical. I would point out that rapidly changing magnetic fields induce E fields that literally do apply transient electrostatic forces to charged species, literally, using the strict definition of the word “force”. But that’s a textbook, and people would cherry-pick words and conclude things such as “see, Bob says PEMF forces ions to move and this must mean that PEMF charges mitochondria just like a battery”.

But that is not what I am saying. I am saying that anyone can use words any way they like, but in order to make scientific progress I have to hold very tight standards on how I use any word such as ‘force’, ‘energy’, etc., and I have to try to avoid using practical words as they are used in general conversation.


@Bob, would you be so kind to share a link where I can purchase the Omni-8 pulse pattern - Thank you so much1

The A9 (go to fluxhealth.co (this site) and click shop and select the A9) uses the Omni-8 as it’s one pulse pattern. You could also choose the M1 there as well which has multiple selections one of which is Omni-8.

As @TajD suggests, I would suggest the model A9.

@Bob, what IR are you using? I know there are many companies out there, it gets confusing. thank you!

this one: