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New to ICES, looking for guidance for my dog

Hello - I received my ICES today and am hopeful the I can give my boy better quality of life.

I have gone through the tutorials, and still have some basic questions:

  1. What is ideal treatment time in minutes/hours? It is simply “the more the better”, or does it vary depending on what your are trying to treat?

  2. How many days/weeks/months is typical to notice improvement?

  3. I’m wondering what would be the most effective placement for my dog’s specific condition - a mass between his 1st and 2nd rib thats pressing on the nerves supplying his right forelimb. I’m thinking my options are opposite-side coil configuration on each shoulder, but that would put the distance between the coils at around 10-12 inches. Or maybe stacked configuration on his chest? Or stacked configuration on his right shoulder?

Any input would be helpful.

A little history: He is a very lean 50lb pit mix with a history of soft tissue sarcoma. Has had surgery to remove the original mass under his shoulder blade 11/19, and radiation on a secondary mass on his first rib 3/21. He has done well until 12/21 when he started limping. Imaging has shown a mass between his 1st and 2nd rib that could be a recurrence of the mass or fibrosis from the radiation. He has lost most of the function of his right front forelimb due to the pressure of the mass on the nerves that supply that leg and the muscles of his shoulder are atrophied. His pain is somewhat managed by medications. In spite of everything, he can bounce along on three legs pretty happily and enjoys most of his usual activities.

Thank you!

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So sorry to hear he is having trouble. Our dog sleeps on a C5 coil mat nearly 20+ hours a day now that he is 13.5. More is better in his case so we literally run it 24x7 and @Bob’s technology is so good the C5 doesn’t overheat/burnout, it’s like the Energizer Bunny and just keeps going and going.

I would use it a minimum for several weeks and observe if he resumes use of the 4th leg. I recommend trying it 24x7. It can be tough to keep the coils on a dog as they move around, so I recommend experimenting with all coil configs (try one configuration for at least 4 days is my recommendation and look for both response as well as convenience in keeping it attached and in the right place).

Thank you TajD. I’m working on how to attached the coils and the power unit.

The tumor is in an awkward area, as well as pressure on the area causes him more discomfort.

I’ll keep working on it!

you can try one of those ace bandages fabric wraps around his body and put the coils on the area under the wrap… for limb you can use a toddler or kid sock and cut the foot of sock to use the tube around his limb… coils under. then just tuck the a9 device under the wrap of his body?

could be best to do at night when he’s ready to sleep.

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Hi Holly, do you have any updates on your dog? What has been your regimen (duration, number of sessions /day and /week)? Hopefully your dog is better now.