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New device question?

I came across this https://omnipemf.com/and was considering it to complement photobiomodulation therapy for my fathers parkinsons/dementia as i understand 40hz brainwave entrainment may be helpful in reducing symptoms. does anyone have any experience and or comments? How does this compare to the M1 which I am also considering as an option/

hi, if you search long enough in this forum or just start reading a lot here, you’ll find that in dr Bob’s over 25yrs in developing this tech, he has yet to find any study or test that can undeniably claim that any specific frequency will consistently treat an ailment for a person. this is no different for any specific brain therapies.

Dr Bob asserts that pemf tech and application has yet to be well defined. the site you shared has a lot of claims and may have anecdotes from various people, but nothing that can yet be verified nor supported by a well documented study.

even in this forum, you’ll find many testimonies on how pemf has helped people, but they were not necessarily by any one specific frequency used for similar ailments from different people.

given what I’ve read and watched from this forum and ices videos and interviews, i would confidently say that the pemf device you cited is marketed for brain therapy with a specific head piece, but that would not suggest that any of the ices pemf devices would be any less effective.

pemf is one therapy to work with for brain therapy, but you’ll find that pemf is the perfect complementary therapy to work with other therapies as well.

that said, yes the m1 could complement photomodulation therapy… on the site, you can find what frequencies and combination of frequencies the m1 supports.