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Neck Surgury Placement Suggestions

Cervical fusion C7->T1. Posterior approach. Wondering most efficient placement using the A9 with two sets of coils. A set of coils front and back of the neck area, or stack each set, securing with tape as a unit, and surround the vertebrae on both sides on the back of the neck? If less is more, then two sets on opposite sides of the neck would be my guess.

I will report back how the pain level and healing goes,. I will try to get the surgeon to place the coils in the recovery room if possible. Thanks.

most effective placement for specific usage remains unknown. Individuals and injuries are highly variable.

Try each coil configuration for 1-2 days and note the effects. One configuration should feel better to you than the others…use that one.

  1. The surgeon agreed to place the device after the surgery. I did not mention the coils. The incision will be 3-4" on the back of the neck. The set of two coils should cover the area if both placed on top of each other side-by-side. If he does not want to place them right over the incision side-by-side to avoid pressing on the surgery, can I convert the side-by-side to an opposite configuration around the sides of the neck and will it still be effective, ie., will the field be strong enough to effect the incision area? Or both side-by-side or stacked on the front of the neck on the opposite side of the neck from the incision.
  2. If he insists on alcoholing to sterilize the coils before wrapping, is that ok?

Is is OK to sterilize coils with an alcohol wipe, no problem.

It is impossible to say in any specific case what will be effective (or not).

The best thing to do I think is have him place the coils side-by-side directly over the incision. But if he resists this, then ask to have the coils placed on opposite sides with the area you need stimulated directly between the coils. Ask to have them placed so they can easily be re-positioned if necessary.

And for sure, the bumpy sides of the coils always need to be away from the skin.

When placing coils, I would place cloth or gauze between the coils and the skin. It is not necessary to apply pressure to press the coils against the skin, so they can be held in place over the incision very gently.