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My Experience with the Brain Gauge and ICES PEMF Unit

I found out about ICES and Dr. Bob Dennis back in 2014 from one of the doctors in my consulting group. I had just purchased a number of expensive PEMF units from Pulsed Power for in-office use but I wanted something that our patients could use at home and the ICES unit was the perfect fit.

The problem was that in 2014, we were addressing a lot of peripheral neuropathy. When the patients put the coils on the feet, there wasn’t much of a change so I put the ICES unit on the back-burner.

In 2016, we opened one of the first stem cell clinics in WI. Stem cell therapy is great but it takes more than stem cell therapy to get the patient better. We perform complete blood work, hormone, genetic and trigger testing in addition to providing stem cells to get to the root cause of the patients’ health issue.

As a result, we were addressing more neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s, TBI, stroke victims, and MS.

In January 2019, an MSA patient, Gail, signed up for care in our office. MSA or Multiple System Atrophy is a severe form of Parkinson’s. She was unable to speak clearly (groaning more than speaking) and her walking so so bad that she was heading for a wheelchair.

On their first visit, Gail’s husband, Dan, asked if there was anything else that they could do at home to help Gail. Off the top of my head, I said sure, they could try a portable PEMF unit on Gail’s Broca’s speech area. Broca’s is located in the left frontal lobe. I told them that since the cerebellum controls balance and coordinated movement, she also needed to place the coils on the back of her head.

When they returned the next week, Gail was speaking and walking much better. It was amazing how much she improved in a week! Dan told me that after her first treatment at home with the ICES unit for only 15-minutes, Gail could speak perfectly for about 3-hours.

Here are a couple of her testimonial videos that I have up on my YouTube channel…

Gail Part 1…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QGHesHi0AHo&t=34s

Gaill Part 2…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PN4vpBAmEW4&t=2s

Since that experience with Gail, EVERY patient in our office receives testing via the Brain Gauge and the ICES PEMF unit. In addition to using the unit with neurological patients, we use it with every patient that walks through our door including autoimmune, organ disfunction–lung, kidney and liver, and Lyme disease patients.

In closing, I feel the Brain Gauge testing in combination with the ICES PEMF unit is one of the best things that one can do to increase not only their brain health but their overall health. Is it the “only” thing one needs to do? No but it is a very important part of healing!

What I haven’t mentioned up to this point is that I am a DC that has been in practice since 1983. I am also a Functional/Chiropractic Neurologist. I have seen a lot of things come and go in 36+ years of practice but nothing that compares to the changes that one can make with the Brain Gauge and ICES unit.

Cheers to Bob Dennis and Mark Tommerdahl for creating such an incredible healing system!

Dr. Michael Johnson


This is fantastic! Which ICES device were you using? The original ones you purchased in 2014, which I assume were the original A9a, or did you get newer models recently (in which case can you please elaborate on the setting/power level used).

Wow, that is a fabulous testimonial!

One of the most powerful on the site so far!

Thank you so much for sharing that!

I already hearted it, but it deserves more than just a heart.


Wow! great news! I will pass this on to the two people I know with Parkinson’s. What settings and device did you use? I have the M-1. Thanks for this great information !

Currently, we use the A9a only because that is what I have always had in the office. I am experimenting with the M1 and the C5 thanks to Bob.

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Thank you. Every patient that presents to our office is tested with the Brain Gauge and they use the ICES PEMF at home.

That is fabulous!

I have used the M-1 for so many things. To get rid of pain after foot and ankle injury and to get rid of knee pain after knee injury and to get rid of chronic shoulder pain and lower back pain. I used it as part of mental health because I was going through serious brain problems and the process of getting my brain back was so discouraging. I was having such hallucinations and night terrors and had ridiculous insomnia. When I was young, I used to be suicidal. I don’t have thoughts of suicide and haven’t for much longer than I have had my M-1, but the brain problems I was having were discouraging enough that I had to monitor my thinking and I wanted strategies to not get discouraged because I don’t want my thinking to ever go negativity and hopelessness again. I have learned that most depression is inflammation from the nutrition community and my strategy is to “work the mechanisms” when I don’t see progress, so I pause and say, “Okay, how can I bring down inflammation” and this and plant food brings down inflammation. I went to PubMed when I got it and for anxiety or depression, I use it to stimulate my prefrontal cortex and vagal nerve and I really haven’t had depression even when it was hard to get rid of the hallucinations and night terrors. Those seem to be gone and I genuinely feel so much better in so many ways. Partly, I was able to use it for sleep and after 10 years of falling asleep at 4 in the morning I can fall asleep closer to midnight. I used it to stimulate my vagal nerve to see if I could get myself to like healthier foods and it really has worked for that. I also used it, combined with broccoli sprouts and foods with lutein to see if I could get rid of social anxiety, which had become so extreme within me because people blackballed me when I was out of my mind, which I really was and I know that I really was annoying people. I had lost total touch with reality. I am still not sure if it was Alzheimer’s (I failed the researcher’s peanut butter test) or a stroke or from traumatic brain injury from my falls where I had hit my head or if it was from out of control Diabetes or Homocysteine or total lack of Vitamin D from not going outside almost ever during a decade of caretaking and working at the same time. Not sleeping, not eating properly and not getting any time off or any sunlight and falling and hitting my head and other things all might have been part of it.

Either way, I am doing a whole list of things from the nutrition community, but the M-1 has been a godsend.


Sorry for going on so long. All that and I left so many things I have used it for out.

Working on my eyes and brain plasticity and I briefly tried it like the Modius and I am not even sure I can remember all of the things I have done with it.

@DrJ Great post. Because I don’t know all the ICES models – the a9 is the one that does 5pps?

And are you having all your clients use it on the head? The same placements for autoimmune, brain injury, etc.?

And finally – did you ever find an approach that worked for the peripheral
nerve or inflammatory issues you started with way back when?


Not directed to me, but I might be able to add some useful information:
I can reprogram a model A9 to generate 5pps. That option is available on our web store:

But I also put a 5pps protocol on the C5 and the M1 for exactly this application.

You might find that the M1 is more versatile than the A9, and it is a bit smaller, so is easier to wear.

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Not directed at me either, but I will add that the C-5 is literally 4 M-1’s.

And has the capacity for deep coils.

I got so many healings with the M-1, but the C-5 blows me away.

So much of what I am doing is brain plasticity but with the M-1, I had to choose between, for instance, the vagal nerve and the prefrontal cortex.

With the C-5, I can do both at the same time. Or the visual cortex and my eyes.

I always felt like I was jumping around trying to do a little time everywhere and I can have so many options, whether I want to do one location or 4 locations.

I could find things to do even if I had 2 C-5’s.

I was thinking about it because I am brain focused, but would really like to use it more on my hips and knees for aging better, but my brain is more in need than those are.


Ah. That’s maybe why I was thinking the a9 was the 5pps protocol.

What is the standard protocol for the a9? The one likely used by DrJ?

Ha! Me too - I have the C5 (and hence why I’m not always sure of the protocols on the other ICES models). I totally resonate with the jumping around feeling - not staying long enough in any place to maximize effects. :wink:

The M-1 might have the same protocols.

The A9, if it is newer, I believe he said it is set to Omni 8, unless you buy one set to 5pps, which is for sale on the page. Pretty sure the older ones were set on the A9 setting, which you have on your device.

Yes, the C-5 helps with that.

Though, in the time since I bought the M-1, I healed my foot, ankle, knee, lower back and shoulder, and did a lot of vagal nerve work reprogramming my emotional responses to food. I also did prefrontal cortex work trying to protect against depression while I tried to get rid of things like hallucinations and night terrors. I never thought to try it for sleep until a month ago and it worked so well. Plus, the M-1 was what I used to heal from social anxiety.

Now, I am working on eyes and brain plasticity, and I am continuing experimenting with gamma to do a microglia cleansing of my brain every day and I am trying to improve my brain gauge scores.

Eventually, hips and knees might get on the radar.

Our standard protocol for the A9 is the Omni8. I believe that is the one Dr. J uses in his practice.

It is just a series of 8 frequencies/patterns ranging from a few Hz up to about 30 Hz, with 100 Hz bursts occasionally. Some of the frequencies were randomly offset from the Schumann Harmonics to prove to people that there is nothing special or magic about those frequencies… they are just in the right approximate range, plus I added the basic pulse patterns I have experimented with elsewhere. I included these during Beta testing a few years ago and it turned out to be people’s overall favorite for orthopedic injury. Differences between protocols was only perceived to be maybe +/- 15% at most, but Omni8 was the one people said reduced their pain the most, so that is what I have programmed into the A9 as the only protocol, and the M1 as the default.

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These links show this message:
Video unavailable

This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

I’d like to understand the location and see the video as a friend of mine has Parkinson’s. Does anyone have the correct links?

@Bob , my friend will soon get an electrical stimulation implant in his brain to increase dopamine production, I assume ICES PEMF shouldn’t be self attempted in that context?

I would be very cautious about it. I would not self-administer ICES in that situation.

For whatever reason, and I have no clue why, YouTube has terminated my channel, “Dr. Michael Johnson.” I have appealed the decision so we are waiting to hear back from them.

In the meantime, YouTube has left up my “Optimal Health Stem Cell and Wellness Institute” channel so we will be posting all of our videos at that channel. Here is the link to that channel… https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSO9eG6UNdYYUAHHw-75o3w

Please subscribe to that channel since all new videos will be posted to it in the future.

You can also go to our website, www.ohstemcell.info, click on “Testimonials,” scroll down to the “Parkinson’s/MSA” section and watch Gail’s success testimonial videos. Also go to the “Condition Videos” tab, scroll down and watch my video, “Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) Stem Cell Treatment Success: 7-Revolutionary Breakthroughs to Natural Healing!” I explain how we help patients that have been given no hope.


Dr J

Sorry to hear that, Dr. J.

I liked those videos and I am glad that I got to see them before they were taken down.

Dr J rocks… Just sayin’.