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Muscle twitching with high intensity pemf systems

Why skeletal muscle twitching happens with very high intensity pemf systems?

Pulling in @Bob for this question

Thanks @TajD,
The answer is biophysics -
1 - Magnetic pulses induce electrical currents in conductors (basic physics)
2- The body is a conductor (basic biofluids)
3- Therefore, magnetic pulses will induce electric currents in the body (logical deduction)
4- High powered magnetic pulses will induce large currents (Maxwell’s Equations)
5- Muscle can be activated to twitch by the application of an electric current above a certain threshold (Luigi Galvani ca. 1890, and basic muscle electro-physiology)
6- Logical conclusion: Very high intensity PEMF systems induce muscle twitching because they emit very high intensity magnetic pulses, plus the logical steps listed above.