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ME, CFS, POTS, dysautonomia, myalgic encephalomyelitis

I’ve found such a relief of symptoms with PEMF for my ME(myalgic encephalomyelitis). I was hoping we could see if Im an outlier or if PEMF is indeed a valuable way of relieving symptoms associated with ME, CFS, POTS, dysautonomia, neuropathy, sleep issues, pain, etc.

Crittercherub, which body areas have you treated to get these effects?

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This is a very interesting topic. The way that PEMF reduces inflammation, differently from NSAIDs or other known pharmacologics, seems to get directly to underlying causes of many diseases. By my rough back-of-the-envelope calculations, PEMF should be able to have very beneficial effects on at least 40% of the number of disease conditions currently treatable by modern mainstream medicine. But that could easily be closer to 100%, my calculations were very conservative. And also note: many, perhaps most, of the conditions where PEMF seems to be very beneficial are not the same conditions for which mainstream medicine has effective treatments. For example, there may be as many as 250 “diseases of aging”, currently unresponsive to mainstream medicine, that may respond very well to PEMF. When you start to consider numbers like this, you start to realize that the widespread use of PEMF has the potential to expand the number of medical treatments again by half, or may even double the number of diseases that we can currently treat.

That, of course, would require a sea change in mainstream medical practice (and awareness). I predict that entire medical professions would be created, while others are nearly entirely displaced.


I began treating myalgic encephalomyelitis(18 years of illness and 8 years of housebound) with a full body mat.
I had to start out low and build up slowly.
I was finally able to sleep on the full body mat(not nearly the gauss the M1 provides) and it helped increase my sleep time and quality.

A few months in my neuropathy that had me staggering around like a very elderly person, decreased to where I don’t feel pain at all in my feet. My numbness in my legs and thighs has also decreased in major ways. The numbness and pins and needles is now a sign I use to know that I need to rest and pace.

My neck pain and headaches are so much more manageable and the M1 is a great addition. It enables me to have inflammation relief without having to be on the mat.

I use the M1 on my head, neck, stomach, liver, lymph nodes(when I’m pushing detox too much and in pain)mouth for gum issues and hoping to regrow some bone under teeth.

I also use it when I know my inflammation is causing depression. I rarely suffer from situational depression so the M1 goes straight to the inflammation and Alpha above my ear near my temple(site of TMS stimulation in conventional medicine) has been helpful.

Im hoping to hear more experiences from others.


Great topic! I have a MAS machine, and I was using it for up to 45 minutes a day at frequencies of 30 Hz up to 1,000 Hz. For the first couple weeks, I felt super energized. But over time, I felt depleted.

I must have used it at too high a frequency for too long and kind of burned myself out. So, I’ve been taking a break the last couple months. I wish I had some protocol I could follow.

I have always had concerns about physiological habituation to PEMF. After all, cells and tissues will eventually tend to tune out monotonic signals. So, for the last 10 years I have been sure to design every pulse pattern to include changes that will reduce or eliminate physiologic habituation to ICES-PEMF


Crittercherub-I loved reading your relief in symptoms. I also have POTS. Being treated for mast cell activation was a huge help. But now my brother has ME and POTS as well, due to Lyme. May I ask with the M1-how many hours a day and on which setting?