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MCL & Knees

For my adult daughter who has some knee pain, I believe she re injured her mcl. , which micro pulse device would be good for treating just the knee? Has anyone used PEMF for knee and for how long?

Two weeks ago she did get stem cell treatment but so far no change . They say not to use anti inflammatories but I assume PEMF would not fall into that category

so I’m wondering if PEMF would help.? thoughts? suggestions?

If this was for me, I would try the ICES M1 device (because it allows for great mobility), and use it minimum 8 hours a day if not 24 hours a day. Once pain subsides (say it takes x number of weeks), use it for an additional two times that number of x weeks. I would buy extra batteries. I would try side by side or double stack configuration and see what works. I would use adhesive bandage to keep the coils in the right position relative to each other and use a velcro bandage wrap to wrap it around my knee. I would use Omni 8, Alpha, or Schumann 4 and see what I respond most to. My understanding is that technically ICES helps lower inflammation allowing the body’s natural ability to repair tissue and heal to the extent that it can which varies for each person and injury. Other posts say that it seems to help ozone and stem cell injections both before after the injections.

tku for the reply. Can you tell me how high you are supposed to set the power level? Is higher better or ? She is not treating a muscle so it is not like it is a matter of testing contractions. It looks to me like the M1 has a default setting.

If it was me, I would stick with Power level 9, which is the default. That seems to have the most effect on average from Bob’s studies and people’s self reports. So in other words, try Omni 8, power 9, which is the default setting when you open the M1 out of the box for the first time. You can literally flip the switch on after putting in the battery and just left it pass through the three screens (which are set to Omni 8 power 9 so you don’t need to press anything), about 1 sec each and so in 3 seconds it will start pulsing (you’ll here it clicking which means it is working).

There are tons of posts about the common human belief “more power is better” is not the case with inductive PEMF. Dr. Bob Dennis’ technology is incredibly more efficient than traditional non inductive PEMF and more power appears to on average not be better.

The neat thing in my opinion about Dr. Bob’s technology, is I don’t have to worry “oh, if I get the wrong power level or protocol, it won’t work at all.” Basically Omni 8, Alpha, and Schumann 4 with power 9 seem to work well for most people, so the biggest variable we should focus on is the # of hours we are using it, and making sure we are getting good sleep so our body can do the repairing that to the extent that it can.

In summary, the biggest variable you can control for is the # of hours she is wearing it. If it was me, I would wear it 24x7. I bought extra batteries and always have a snack bag of charged batteries on me. I swap in a new battery about 3 hours, even though it could go 6-8. That way I am truly at “power 9” versus a much lower power due to a drained but still functioning battery.

I agree with TajD. But if you do not want the cost and complexity of an M1, an A9 should work about as well.

about 30 clinicians in a survey in 2019 said that they had used PEMF to good effect with stem cell treatments:

see figure 4

Most clinicians had never tried it, but those who have generally said that PEMF was helpful or very helpful.