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M1 or Mat for Optimal Health?

Hello Friends, great to be on this forum. Wondering if I could get your thoughts and advice on the following: I don’t have any medical conditions or body pains, I’m mainly interested in PEMF as a way to balance my moods, get grounded, get “the nature effect” that many people talk about with PEMF, feel more balanced productive.
I live in a busy area, in a high-rise apartment, and would like to use PEMF to increase my well-being, balance my mood, increase natural energy (if possible). Wondering if M1 would be suitable for this? And what programs would you recommend?

Or do you think a full-body mat system like IMRS2000 or Bemmer would be better for something like this?

Grateful for your thoughts

I own both an M1 and a bemer and live in a busy city environment, and personally, I haven’t notice any mood balancing, grounding, productivity-enhancing effects with either device.

I don’t know how much you’d notice, but you CAN recreate this minimal emf exposure field around your body by using a space blanket to wrap yourself in. I’ve tested this simply by wrapping my cell phone and calling it… NO SIGNAL was able to go thru… .the same for wifi.

that said, I don’t know how much difference you’d feel blocking all emf (and even wrap your head in foil :slight_smile: … tinfoil hat) to get as much coverage/blockage as you can

that said, I think those who are truly sensitive to emf would notice the difference…

sleeping on a pemf device/mat (device in cocoon) while cocooned in said foil blanket would likely optimize the environmental factors you’re seeking.

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Hi Bart, I’m surprised to hear this. My first time using a PEMF device was after getting COVID, I went to chiropractor because of neck tightness and general tiredness, and he put me on a PEMF machine (one of the very expensive ones)and I could feel my batteries recharged! I went back and had similar feeling twice. So I’m looking for that energy tune up from a PEMF device … wondering if the M1 can give you that or is it better to have a full body mat.

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Optimal, thanks for the interesting idea on creating a cocoon with a space blanket.

Wondering if you use have used a PEMF mat or the M1 and what results do you get? Do you feel your energy battery tune up or filled a little more after your PEMF treatments?


Everyone’s different! just because I had one experience with pemf, doesn’t mean that you’ll have the same. I just wanted to share my experience, because i own two of the devices that you mentioned. Also, I’ve never tried one of the super high gauss devices.

Very true, thanks Bart.

I will say that when I feel better physically, I feel better physically and emotionally. In that sense, I definitely notice an improvement in my mood when using my PEMF mat and devices. If your main interest is improving mood, though you might want to consider an AVE device. Personally, I use both together.

sorry… didn’t see this till now …

i think like most people, i don’t really feel anything from the coils directly.

i have been experimenting further for sleep the past 2 weeks and i can tell you that i feel the difference in quality of my sleep (lower stress level)… this is evidenced in my Garmin watch which monitors my stress level based on heart rate.

I’m still experimenting minimal setup for me to ensure optimal sleep quality (lowest stress level during sleep). using with space blanket to block other emf signals, i have not tried.

any “recharge of batteries” that i do feel is the deep calm i have felt when my stress levels match what my Garmin has reported in my quality of sleep. with the coils used right, i believe anyone can enjoy the peaceful results of meditation without learning the practice.

i wonder if the real measure of stress levels diminishing is what people actually feel when reporting the sense of their energy/“batteries” being restored. :thinking::upside_down_face:

This is purely anecdotal. I recently purchased an M1 and have been using it for 1 to 2 hours daily in an attempt to treat eye floaters. Because I am treating my eyes, I have been putting the coils in various places on my head, including my forehead just above the eye, my temple, directly over the eye, and on the occipital area in the back of my skull, which is associated with vision in Acupuncture theory. I haven’t been in the greatest mood since the floaters started, because it is interfering with my favorite activity, which is reading. Over the past couple days, I have noticed the interesting “side effect” of a dramatic improvement in my mood. Not just a restoration to the pre-floater state, but a much better mood than I normally experience.

It could certainly be a placebo effect. However, I was not anticipating such a change nor actively looking for it. On the other hand, I have recently watched some videos by Bob about the various preset programs on the M1 and was curious about the ones that are for experimenting with brainwave entrainment and subthreshold transcranial magnetic stimulation. However, I have not specifically used any of those presets.

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