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M1 or A9 for Lyme/dental

I’m considering buying one of these devices and I’m not sure which one to get. I have likely a dental cavitation in my jaw and pain in my neck on that side and that’s been going on for months (it’s not a chiropractic issue; neurologist dx’d it) inflammation in a nerve etc; and that shoulder pain. Likely related, I have Lyme disease, which I’ve had for about 25 years. One dentist told me “Lyme loves the jaw”; another naturopath specializing in line says that it will contribute to right shoulder/chest pain for some reason.
I bought a cheap OMI PEMF mat, which mainly just takes away a little pain and makes me feel kind of sleep.
I have a bio dentist who does ozone injections and vitamin C IV and maybe laser (?). i’m doing parasite/colon/kidney cleanse/detox stuff and really want to hit this Lyme hard, with the PEMF device as adjunct. please share your input. Would I be OK with just the M1? How could the programs and finer settings of the newer A9 be of benefit?

Here is a post I did related to M1 on the jaw. ICES and TMJ

I am battling much of the same issues. I have found the C4 addresses my issues. You may also want to consider seeing a NUCCA certified chiropractor. I have found that my altas being out of align is often the ticket to many of my chronic pain issues. Most chiropractors do not adjust the floating Atlas, but if it is not addressed then everything below is out of alignment. I would not allow someone who was not well versed in adjusting it, attempt to adjust it because it requires so little and it’s easy to do improperly however.

Hi, this doesn’t answer your question. I’m curious what mat you use?

I bought an A9 recently here.
Like I said it’s an “omi” mat, which nobody else recommends, nor would I at this time.