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M1 for Anxiety and Depression?

I am trying to figure out if the M1 will specifically help with my anxiety (GAD and PTSD) and depression. If so, what protocol should I use? I haven’t purchased yet and want to make sure I am buying the right PEMF tool. I’d also like to use it as a spot treatment for low back pain and my Morton’s neuroma. I have had access to a BEMER which has helped with the pain and a DAVID Delight which works fabulously for anxiety and am hoping to invest in just one device which combines the best of both of these. Thank you.

Here is a good thread on ICES PEMF (M1 or A9 or C5) on anxiety

In my personal experience, PTSD was best helped with light/sound engagement/entrainment (I think DAVID Delight would fall in this category) using NeuroVizr (you could try this with the super simple phone app Lumenate). ICES PEMF on my head didn’t affect anxiety. ICES PEMF on the gut increased anxiety due to dieoff but then provided anxiety relief due to the resulting gut healing in our case. I have posted multiple times sharing my experience with this.

I just realized you were the original poster to the thread above ;). I recommend trying Omni 8 or Alpha on power level 3 or 4 on the head and work up if don’t notice an effect. For the gut, I recommend trying 1 minute with Omni 8 or Alpha on power level 5, give it a few days, then work up to power 9. Shifting the body takes time, becoming more in tune to the subtle shifts. Documenting and sharing this process of self experimentation and the resulting findings is powerful in my experience.

Wishing you relief and success in your journey!

Thanks so much! I reached the same conclusion from my research and the experience I had had with my health provider’s David and have ordered one of my own. :slight_smile:

I have chronic anxiety and depression, even prone to panic attacks, for almost all of my 60 years. I posted several times about my depression including the following: https://forum.fluxhealth.co/t/depression/245/8 which had gotten worse during pandemic lockdowns and my getting laid off from work for the past two years. It got so bad that I was literally not eating and just sleeping for most of the day, not knowing night from day and certainly barely hydrating myself.

M1 changed all that. It took several months of sleeping with it on, and gradually, I felt the depression lift. Can’t say that it’s gone completely: I tried not using it for several days to see what would happen, and the depression started to come back, so I quickly went back to sleeping with it on every night. Reduces my anxiety and frequency of panic attacks too.

Stress usually increases the frequency of the anxiety and panic attacks, of course, but I find I’m better able to manage my stress and the intensity of these attacks have been reduced so that I recover faster when I do experience them.

I use omni 8 with intensity of 4. I did try higher settings, of 5 and 6, even 8 during my waking periods, but I have a condition called hyperacunesia which makes me ultra sensitive to all 5 senses, and I can hear (and feel) the constant clicking of the PEMF pulse. Not so much with intensity 4 when I place the coils anywhere near my head (most people won’t hear it at that intensity). Would gladly trade the annoying clicking if I could, but I tell you, it’s a very small price to pay for the huge benefits I’ve reaped in terms of anxiety and depression.