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M1 first time user - new symptom noted

I tested the M1 for the very first time yesterday. Placed the 2 coils on my lower back away from my middle spine maybe about one inch. I used the Omni 8 protocol along with power level 8.
Kept the unit running for approximately 4 hours I think.
Around the first hour or so, I started to notice mild pressure in the head. Since it wasn’t really bothering me much, I continued with the session for 3 additional hours using the same settings. At the end of the 4th hour, I stopped the unit and removed the coils off my lower back to get ready for bed. At this time, the pressure in my head was still pretty mild but noticeable, therefore decided to just call it a day. Then I started looking at the brainwave entrainment protocols and decided to place the coils spread apart 4-5 inches under my pillow. My intent was just to experiment for several minutes before falling asleep. So, I used the theta wave with a power level of 6 for about 10 minutes. Then I stopped the short session and put my device away for the night.

A few hours later, that mild pressure in my head turned into a quite uncomfortable achy/pressure pain in the occipital area. This lasted for a couple of hours and sort of disappeared on its own. Waking up this morning, I had just a very mild discomfort but nothing close to what I had experienced hours earlier. Also, an odd new symptom that I noticed right away in the morning, was some tingling in my right foot, specially in the toes. It’s about 2pm right now and the tingling is still present, kind of weird feeling.

Any similar experiences?

Some people have reported short periods of increased pain in their head, of short duration, which we attribute to a reduction of inflammation/pressure in the cranium. This adjustment of internal pressure may be sensed as pain. The few people that report this to me tell me that this effect diminishes and disappears after several uses.

So, even though you were not initially using the system on your head, what might be happening is a reduction of CNS inflammation (the spinal cord is part of the CNS). I hypothesize that you are sensing a change (reduction) of CNS inflammation. I do not know this for sure, but this is my current thinking.

In any event, it is safest to start “low and slow” (low intensity for short durations), and if you are experiencing anything negative, reduce the intensity or duration, or both, and if it persists, then consider discontinuing use.


I also get occipital pain at times but I believe it is coming from an after effect where your body is adjusting it’s moving patterns.

When you lower inflammation, some areas of the body can feel better, becoming more flexible, etc. This can cause a shift elsewhere in the body as everything is connected to the “chain” of the spine.

It is possible occipital pain is coming from neck muscles which are now moving a bit differently after your lower back has shifted.

Just posting a follow up update. I continued using the M1 for my lower back pain. I used different settings and kept the intensity pretty low all the time (2 max) as I was having headaches during and after each use. Unfortunately my pain never got better. In fact, I started to have new pain in both of my SI joints and this was never an issue for me before. So, I decided to stop using the unit as I’m afraid things could get worse. Ever since, the SI joint pain is pretty much there all the time.

pawluk and other naturopaths who use pemf in their treatments have and due warn of side effects due to the body detoxing. what you have described is similar to what has been reported when people take certain supplements or treatments and the body behind to detox and heal. Google herxheimer effect for more info. that said, i am not saying this is necessarily what you experienced, but this is not uncommon depending on your current condition or what you are treating.

when you talk about occipital pain, is that basically right behind your eye or could you also describe it as pain near the temple but radiating towards your eye? this is the pain i have felt that i get if i take in a decent volume of strong magnetic water (20-32oz) in one sitting…

i have found relief from taking L-Ornithine … this has helped in the past for other things I’ve used to detox. L-Ornithine is great for reducing ammonia which is waste generated from die off of certain pathogens. i don’t know exactly which, but just trying it after reading others suggested seemed to work for me.

i wonder if what you described is similar to what i have felt too…