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Lumbago PEMF success

I suffered a severe case of lumbago after making the bed standing in an unfavorable position. It worsened quickly and after a day or two my body became even skewed to the right side.

Sleeping appeared to make this skewed position worse and getting in and out of bed took several (painful) minutes. Sitting on a chair was possible, but even a short while appeared to bring more pain after rising, making standing straight impossible and worsen skewness.

Tried PEMF with the parameters which had had such success on two knee problems (see "PEMF intensity": Is there an unambiguous definition for it?), but that did not yield any result.

Then (unfortunately only after a week…) I realized that the session duration (3 min) probably was too short for this severe case, so I lengthened it to 30min/session with reduced intensity (250mG/uS). Further details: Rise time and pulse length of the induction pulse as measured with a (one single loop) test coil: 60nS and 6uS, rep freq: 4hz.

The day before yesterday I started with this protocol (4 times a day) and yesterday the skewness was gone ! I also noticed that I could pick up stuff from the ground again. Getting on and off the couch appeared easy so I removed the chair and the rope I used earlier to raise up.

Today there is still some lingering sensitivity in the area that was so painful before, but mobility is back and I can do stuff again. However, sitting on a chair for longer periods produces still a slight problem: It takes some 10 … 15 seconds to get completely upright, it’s subtle not noticeable for bystanders, but I take it as a signal to continue with the sessions.