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Low Back pain

Hello everyone,
I have 2 bad discs in my lower back.
I bought M1 awhile back and I love it.
It helps my lower back.
I recently bought the C5 with the pad for it.
All i can say is that it is terrific.
The C5 with the Pad even does a better job on my lower back as i can lay on it.
The doctors want to do fusion on me but with using the C5 and the M1 along with stretching exercises I do not need to have surgery.
Thank you https://www.micro-pulse.com/ for your wonderful Pemf devices.


Thanks for letting me know!!
I have also been able to avoid back surgery and opioids for about 12 years now, so I am very glad to know that it is really helping other people too. Thanks.


I use the m1 while I stand when I work. Also, I use the m1 when I go anywhere. I use the c5 at home. I got the pad for the c5 as well. I lay on it twice a day. In the morning and in the evening. When I lay on the pad it feels like my back has been rejuvenated. Along with these items I do stretching. Pemf by itself has not cured my disc issues but the combination of stretching and pemf make it where I can function normally.

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very good, thanks. I am basically in the same place: PEMF gets me off meds and nearly fully functional. I do need to wear an M1 all day or I will revert back to crippling pain 4 or 5 days, so it has not been a miracle cure. But my physician recently reviewed the most recent digital x-rays of my lower back, and he and the ortho think it is in perfectly normal condition for a 57-year-old; some clear age-related degeneration, but within the normal range. I’ll take a slightly painful “perfectly normal” any day.


Just thought I’d add some simple advice here based on my wife’s chronic back problems. She’s disabled and uses a wheelchair/walker so sits way too much. Her back pain was being managed successfully by our chiro for 30 years but he stopped practicing due to cancer. In the last year, her back and neck pain got worse and worse and nothing helped (meds, new chiros, A9s, etc.) Then after much research, we tested several very expensive office chairs and settled on 2, one for computer work and the other for relaxing. Lo and behold, her back pain abated from a constant 5-9 to a 0-2 level. Sometimes the simplest (but expensive, unfortunately) things help.

Meanwhile, we just got a C5 for her feet and hoping that helps her heal and maybe walk again… Btw, I’m the guy who cured his year-long case of Plantar Fasciitis with the A9 when everything else (and I mean everything) failed. In fact, (knock on wood) I’m not even using the A9 anymore. About to start using the C5 on my lower back which ironically just went out last week.

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So I just read some other posts on the various patterns. I cured my Plantar with an older A9 so I guess it used the old A9 pattern. But now that I have a C5, I just assumed the best pattern for both my wife’s feet/ankle tendinosis and my lower back pain would be the “C5” pattern – since the device is a C5. In your experience tho, would the Omni8 be a better choice initially?

My observation: individuals vary quite a lot

I would try each of these patterns for 2-3 days each, and compare your reaction to them:
Alpha Wave

By the way, the “C5” protocol was simply so named because it was the first protocol I developed for the B5 and C5 systems as I was field testing them in 2016-2017. There is nothing special, secret, or optimal about it. It just simply workd well for some people during initial testing of the C5 systems.

Thanks Bob. I think I read you felt the Omni8 was maybe a few percentage points better, but I will experiment with all.

During initial field testing, against a number of different protocols, some of which are included on the M1 and C5, some of which are not, the Omni-8 protocol was rated by beta testers as “10 to 15% more effective” that the protocol they were comparing it to (usually A9, but also what became the C5, and Schuman 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5).

Some people thought that the Omni-8 Protocol was marginally better than other protocols, but only by 10% or 15%, and this was based on perceptions of pain reduction. But even for the same individuals, at different times, with different types of injuries, and in different anatomical location, these results vary.

The big finding was that none of the Schumann frequencies were necessarily any better than other frequencies. And notably, the slight user preference for the Omni-8 protocol, which is specifically designed to be offset from and different from any Schumann resonance, demonstrates clearly that there is nothing special or magical about Schumann Resonance as it relates to biological effects of PEMF for the reduction of pain.

Bottom line: The differences in effectiveness were not large, not consistent, and no one frequency or pattern tested was notably better than any other for pain. But people vary as individuals, so my recommendation is to test a few different pulse patterns to see for yourself what works best for you.

Thanks Bob. Your insight, dedication, helpfulness, and scientific contributions to the world are wonderful and greatly appreciated.

Hi Everyone, I’ve been a practicing massage and craniosacral therapist for 29 years. I’ve used PEMF therapy for myself and with clients for over 14 years. I initially used a QRS unit and I trained with Dr. Pawluk when he was a consultant for the US distributor. I had two lumbar herniations at the time and crippling sciatica in my left leg. The QRS mat gave me immediate pain relief and allowed me to stop taking opioids. Unfortunately quality control was lacking and many of us had to send our dysfunctional units to Germany for repairs. I used a Medithera unit for years after that with moderate success. I’ve used the OMI full-body mat and ring as well and many clients find them helpful.

My discovery of Bob Dennis and MicroPulse was a game-changer. I’ve used an A9 for the past six months and the results have been phenomenal in addressing sporadic flareups of my low back pain. For everyone begging for an ICES full-body mat - why??? The ease of carrying the A9 in my pocket with the coils tucked behind my pants’ waistband has allowed me to eliminate all back pain while I work with clients. I can save my kidneys and liver from the deleterious onslaught of ibuprofen! What a fantastic, tiny, light weight and powerful device this is! I’ve shared the A9 with friends and yes, results are mixed. As we all know, there are an infinite variety of autonomic nervous systems out there. Most people are astonished at the relief they experience (at least the ones with orthopedic issues). Thank you, Bob!