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Ligament Damage

I have pretty serious damage to my upper cervical area. It is surgical level type damage. Have been using the PEMF for about a month sometimes half the day and I have been feeling better and stronger. Bob, what is your experience with damaged ligaments and more specifically chronic injuries. Have you seen benefit with chronic tendon and ligament injuries?

Yes, ligament injuries seem to respond very well to ICES-PEMF, but it takes a long time, longer than most tissues (except joint cartilage). It takes daily diligent use for a couple of months. I know surgeons who use ICES-PEMF to speed up and improve ligament repair post-surgical recovery. They tell me the outcomes are improved very much.

Thank you for the reply!! So interesting thing is I have severe muscle dysfunction in my neck from the injuries. My muscles either spasm or the muscles are turned off completely. Interesting enough when I use the PEmF anywhere else I get really no sensation like I don’t “feel it” but when I use it on my neck it instantly starts spasming and I can feel my muscles moving and contracting back and forth. Any idea why it would have this effect on my injured muscles, but nowhere else?

And I will say I’ve seen an overall general improvement in my muscles “coming online” overall my muscles are functioning about 25% better but I just find it interesting that wherever I put it on my neck my neck muscles instantly began to constrict or spasm and nowhere else it has that effect would love to hear your thoughts on that bob

There does seem to be the effect that ICES-PEMF gives a sensation near points if injury, such as broken bones, metal implants, soft-tissue damage. This is probably because the disrupted tissue allows more induced current flow, which you would feel as a tingling electrical-like sensation. Near an injured nerve, this might cause random stimulus-induced activation.

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Since it allows more current flow through the damaged parts does this mean I should turn it down if I am getting that response to a lower setting or is that a good thing?

if it is not really irritating, generally people get that response for only a few days or a week or so, then it starts to die down as the tissue heals. So, you could try either sticking with it, or, if it is irritating, try dialing down the intensity for a while. If you keep track of your actions and your responses, you could report it back here to help a lot of other people too if you want. This is definitely the kind of thing people want to know.

I will say it is less spasms than when starting but still spasms a good bit upon putting in on, I am about a month in using it from 3 hours a day to even up to 12-15 hours, the first two weeks I used it 15 hours everyday, so maybe I need to stick with it and see if it lessens as it “heals” it’s interesting bc it kind of stirs it up a little but then the next day it seems like my muscle function is even better than the day before. When I first started my muscles were about 85-90% turned off like jello. Will keep using and report back!

And I’m being conservative when I say my muscles are functioning 25% better I could say even up to 50 but conservatively 25% consistently. I also had extreme muscle atrophy on my right side and have noticed some muscle growth. Will keep at it

OK, well, if you are getting better and you are having such major improvements, my opinion is to just stick with it. And please let us know how everything progresses.