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Knee sprain

Has anyone experience with treating knee sprain pain? Mine is still there after nearly 4 weeks ? I tried 2 weeks ago with my M1 with alpha at 10 but no result after 3-4 days 4 hours at night, should I try longer. Does PEMF help with dammaged tendons?

If this was myself based on all I have tried and learned, I would recommend to myself to use it minimum 8 hours a day, preferably 16 or more and do this for minimum 3 weeks and to see if I notice any positive change. I would tell myself to be sure to get 8 hours of sleep or more and to also take a supplement like Pure Encapulations Ligament Restore. Once I felt better, I would tell myself to continuing using it for the same number of days that it took to feel better. So if it felt great after 4 weeks of daily use, I would use for another 4 weeks. Tendons and ligaments take time to repair.

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@jef, I see from your profile you are in the cognitive psychology space. The other posts from many on this forum about the vagus nerve and gut-brain connection might prove interesting. ICES PEMF is pretty remarkable for shifting gut/brain.

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Thanks a lot for your clever advices. For the knee is my setting OK with alpha at power 10, could it work with less power so that it won’t drain the battery too quickly?
I also found this supplement based on heat shock protein, great for body repair and somatic as well as psychologic stress in genral:
I started reading about the gut brain connection and PEMF, looks amazing on brain fog!

You can absolutely try a lower power level. Perhaps try 6 or 7. For me, I found the key is to take a few notes on a journal on subtle shifts I experience. I find Alpha at power 9 works very well for me. Thanks for sharing that supplement!