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Knee pain relieved by PEMF

Hi- I just wanted to share that I have had great luck using the long (47") PEMF coils at night while sleeping. When I went to the ortho surgeon in April they did an X-ray and said that my cartilage is all gone leaving bone on bone. And I was having a good deal of pain, and the only way to get to sleep was wrapping my knee in ice.

In July I started using the PEMF coils attached to my left knee with a wrap that came with the device instead of an ice pack… I wear the M-1 device in a lightweight money belt around my waist while sleeping to hold the unit. . I started with Omni 8- 8 and worked my way up to setting Omni-8-level 15 which is what I use now. WOW- like a MIRACLE I have no pain at all during the night and in the morning - NO PAIN- really amazing! If you have knee problems-you might want to try this. For me this was just a miracle!


Thanks for telling us about that. We get a lot of emails at Micro-Pulse with similar stories for various orthopedic issues such as that. I would estimate we have had about 1,500 - 2,000 such emails. Almost all of them relate similar results. And since I have been using my C5 on my left hip joint with deep field coils, the joint has become progressively less painful. It has taken a few months, but when I see the Ortho surgeon in November, I will be very interested to see what he says about how it has gotten better, not worse, since last year. Secretly, I want him to take new images and inform me that I am no longer a candidate for hip replacement surgery. Either way, I will post his final assessment on this forum, whether or not it turns out the way I want it to.


Thanks for your response Bob. What are deep field coils???

In April I had my one year followup for replacement surgery on my right knee. That’s when the Orthopedic Surgeon ordered the X-ray of my left knee after I told him I was starting to have a lot of pain…and he told me the bad news about the condition of my left knee- So I’ll be curious to see what the next x-ray shows next spring after using the M-1 for a few more months.

I ordered some new coils yesterday and I think I will try and use them on my hips, I have pain there too- That way I can reduce my pain while sitting and watching TV or working on the computer during the day! I’ll let you know the outcome on that too- It will be great if we can reverse some of these age related issues using PEMF and without the use of drugs! :slightly_smiling_face::hibiscus:

Deep Field Coils are just two sets of long coils that we wrap together to get deeper field penetration for things like hips:

They need to be driven by two synchronized outputs, so the model C5 is what I use.

Thanks Bob- I’ll have to save up for that one :grinning: But that’s good info.

Hi Does anyone have updates from the Doc on hip or knee condition following ICES treatments??? My family member is using a A9 for knee pain and I am considering another A9 or C5 for hip pain, They also have bone on bone at the knee and hip has had surgery in the past.

I am also curious about an update - Best Wishes to the Grumpy Guy :slight_smile:

OK, this is a difficult topic, so please bear with me. My journey with hip issues was long and complex, but I will try to be brief. I have also had knee issues, but less severe.

Starting with the hip: I had two very different experiences. Beginning about 13 years ago I started to have quite severe sharp pains on the front of my right hip. Imaging showed arthrosis and the clinical prognosis was progressive degeneration; untreatable. But almost immediately at the start of this pain I began ICES-PEMF treatments, using my first prototype ICES unit (!) It was a crude system but I started immediately using it when the hip trouble began, and it was very effective at reducing pain, but I had to use it more or less all day every day. The output was limited to approximately somewhere between “M” and “H” on the newer model A9, which we still sell.

At first, I thought I would need to use ICES-PEMF for the rest of my life, but after about 3 months I started noticing more lasting improvements. It ended up taking about 7 months total, but the pain eventually stopped completely and it has not returned all these years. Also, most signs of the arthrosis on digital x-ray have disappeared, though they might be slowly coming back. But there has been no pain in my right hip all these years since I treated it. I consider that a 100% success.

My left hip is a different story. Several years ago it started to hurt as my right hip had done several years earlier. At that time I was finishing development of the B5/C5/M1 series of devices. So, I did not begin immediate ICES-PEMF treatment of my left hip because I wanted to complete the B5/C5/M1 technology and use myself as a guinea pig to make sure it was as good as the older A9 technology. The unfortunate part was that the C5/B5/M1 technology took about 18 months to develop, and during that time my hip was getting progressively worse, but like an idiot I wanted to wait to try the new generation of ICES on it, so I let it progress much farther than my right hip had years earlier.

When I was finally able to use the C5/B5/M1 technology, the left hip degeneration was already so advanced that I had to use a cane or a walker to stand and walk. But the B5/C5/M1 technology was, in my opinion at least as effective as the older A9 technology (gen 5.0), and it worked spectacularly well on my lower back. The new tech was also working to reduce the pain in my left hip, but by the time I began using it I was in such an advanced state of hip degeneration in my left hip that the orthopedic surgeon actually asked me to sit and brace myself before he would show me the most recent images. They were pretty bad.

My left hip was a total loss at that point. Nonetheless, I did try for about a year and a half to see if I could pull off some sort of miracle. I was able to essentially halt or profoundly slow the progression of the disease, and several doctors were impressed by that, but I was also unable to stand or walk, and essentially my left hip would mechanically jam from time to time and would not even bend. But the ICES-PEMF did reduce the pain to tolerable levels.

But after 18 months of continuous treatment of my left hip without improvement, just less rapid degeneration, I finally gave in for a total hip on the left side (titanium in a UHMW socket).

I continued to use PEMF thinking that it might improve my recovery. My surgeon was paying attention because he also wanted to know how well it worked.

To make a long story short, the hip replacement in May 2020 was very good. I made a very fast recovery. Even the wound (incision) itself healed much faster than they had anticipated. Based on their assessments, the bone engraftment was excellent and rapid, I regained full strength in just a few weeks, and they even suggested that I could discontinue physical therapy because my progress had been so outstanding.

Based on these two very different experiences (right versus left hip), I resolved to always begin treatments with ICES-PEMF immediately, NEVER TO DELAY, NEVER TO WAIT FOR THE PROMISE OF A MAGICAL NEW TECHNOLOGY. The existing and commercially-available ICES-PEMF technology is already remarkably effective, and it makes no sense whatsoever to wait for anything new that would be, at most, only slightly better, if that means also enduring needless pain and progressive degeneration. I hope that point is absolutely clear to everyone.

I have had subsequent issues with my knees, but began using ICES-PEMF immediately, and these never progressed to the point where they required any kind of clinical treatment. Basically, if and when they emerge, I fix them immediately with ICES-PEMF. So, for me, knees have never become a serious problem, and I personally (without scientific proof) attribute this to immediate corrective action using ICES-PEMF.

I believe I lost my left hip because I waited too long to start using ICES-PEMF. I believe I saved my right hip by beginning immediate use if ICES-PEMF.
Since that time my policy has been: Use PEMF as soon as a degenerative orthopedic problem is detected, and continue use it until the tissue has healed. That is my advice to anyone who asks.

ICES-PEMF is not magic. It does not magically regenerate things beyond a certain point. It works best when you use it promptly.


…well then Mostly a Win:)

I’m curious - your post has me wondering … I had surgery -L5 S1 laminectomy (x2- 2nd was with Fusion)

One of the concerns I have is degenerative disc disorder (neighboring discs) so that’s a major encouragement.

I’ll be in touch next week for my unit.
I have other issues to look at with this device but You’ve convinced me to stop kicking it around and make my order.
… after I get paid;)

yup, mostly. I chalk up the epic fail to my own stupidity. But honest stupidity is how I roll.

My sense is that the tech will help you a lot with your disc issues. At first it may cause a bit of mechanical instability, but used in moderation I think you will see a big reduction of disease progression and associated pain.

I’d be interested to hear how it also works on your other issues.

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I will certainly keep you posted:)

do you think severity of degenerative issues may be helped by supplements? i wonder if there may be some deficiency in things like collagen, boron, magnesium, etc in diet that is provided by proper diet or extras supplements that might help with pemf reverse or improve such issues.

Based on my discussions on this topic with about 160 or 170 clinicians over the years, my answer to this question is, broadly, “YES”:

Yes, I think PEMF is the ultimate adjunct treatment. It makes everything else work much better: supplements, diet, exercise, chiro, acupuncture, surgery of all kinds, etc.

So, for degenerative disease in general, I think the strategy is to fix any deficiencies, then add PEMF for best results.


Ever since I learned, through experience, what the M1 does for me, I use it first and then think of the deficiencies. I can pull the M1 out and use it right away but sometimes deficiencies take a long time to improve.

You tell a great story! I think, though you have regrets, you are a true magician in the eyes of any Narnian.

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wish this forum had more react emojis than just “like” haha

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I know this is a late reply but, i’m going in for hip replacement. I have the C5.
I’m wondering what settings worked for you on your hip replacement recovery and
did you start it the day of surgery or what some time.? How many hours a day did you
use it? I like you found the c5 took the edge of the pain in my hip but I’ve been working on it almost 2years and couldn’t save it BUT, after stem cells and using the
C5 the edge on the pain has certainly diminished to the point where I can get on my elyptical and do 2 miles at my normal pace. I will say i’m not upright …i have to lean forward but i’m able to get exercise in where I couldn’t before…I started out at 30 seconds then 60 the up to 20 min. I want a quick recovery similar to yours. I read Dr pawluks blog on joint replacement and he recommends it too. them main problem i find with PEMF is the settings…I have experimented a lot but hard to find the right settings. I also have a rife machine which i love. it has been very beneficial too.
thanks for you thoughts.

I ended up mostly using the Alpha-wave setting, but also Schumann 4 sometimes. I used the device on my hip all night and whenever I was seated for a while. I usually used a high-intensity (13 - 14). Mostly I used stacked coils, but also occasionally used deep-field coils.

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on the topic of general knee pain:

old family friend had a knee injury recently. he doesn’t know what exactly caused it… only that it recently became inflamed and painful when just sitting for periods over an hour.

he used an a9 (M setting) this weekend for about an hour at a time for a couple of days and found it helped most of the pain and inflammation go away

he’s gonna use it a few more days with a sock as a sleeve over his knee to hold the coils in place over night to see how things go.

he was open to see if it would help, and I’m glad to find that he was able to find great relief so far…

Just a quick (and probably biased) note from me:
I injured my knee by twisting it the wrong way doing some yard work (OK, fixing a roof, a stupid thing for an older guy like me to be doing). Anyway, it got worse and worse, especially when I would lay down and take load off of it. I could tell this would normally be a long, slow recovery.

So… I used my trusty C5 on it that night for about 4 hours (coils stacked, directly over the outside aspect of the knee where it hurt most, intensity 10, Alpha Wave)

First night: pain subsided a lot but not entirely, but came back the next evening.

Second night: Same setup as above. Pain subsided more than the first night, but returned again the next evening.

Third night: Same setup as above. Same results as above. Pain subsided more than the first night, but returned again the next evening.

Fourth night: forgot to use it, pain came back worse the next day.

Fifth night: same setup as originally but used it all night this time (~8 hours). Pain was gone entirely, but came back a bit the next evening, but less than before.

Sixth night: same as #5 above, better results.

Then I used it for a couple of more nights, absolutely no more pain since then.

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