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Just a hello as a 1st Post

Hello all. I am a new member of the energy medicine community. I have been lurking here for a few weeks learning how to use my C5, and as much as I can about PEMF. My wife brought a veterinary PEMF device to my attention because I have been looking for a way to help some of our aging dogs extend their lives and manage pain without so much medication. This was the first I had heard of the technology and I told her I would look into it (I was overseas working for a couple of months). Finally I got a chance to start looking into the device (the Assisi Loop), the company, and the technology. I didn’t really like the company or their marketing strategy, but the technology was intriguing. I work for an international engineering conglomerate, in a division that manufactures hybrid medical imaging devices (PETCT, and MRPET), and the the way PEMF manipulates the magnetic fields reminded me of the way and MR scanner generates an image. I have also been aware of other frequency techniques such as the Rife machines, so my interest was peaked. I spent about 3 weeks reading everything I could find on the topic, especially NIH and other published studies. I watched many videos as well. Initially I was frustrated by the nonsense marketing and hype when I looked specifically at the various products. Luckily I eventually found the micro-pulse website and someone (Dr Dennis) who told it straight, including what he, we, humans don’t yet know about the technique. Eventually I took the plunge and called and spoke with Chris and ordered a C5 and a coil assortment. I have had the device now for about 3 weeks and am so thankful to have come across this information. The afternoon we received it I immediately put it to the test on my knee (pain from a several years old untreated meniscus tear). 1 15 minute session of Omni 8 at 9 on the intensity level and it stopped hurting for the first time in probably 6 months. I was giddy with happy disbelief! I got up out of the recliner and quickly went outside where my wife was putting up the chickens (we live on a small hobby farm) for the evening, to tell her about it. Of course while out there I twisted my knee a little and it hurt again, but it went back quickly to a lower pain threshold than it had been in many months. Since that time I have used it on anyone who would let me; my wife who has been suffering with a never ending chronic sinus infection (I read of a sinusitis study done in Italy), my daughter who had a tooth pulled the week prior, my 84 y/o mother who still has pain in her replaced knee and arthritis in her shoulder, a friend’s knee (also a meniscus tear), anther friend’s knee while he was in the hospital recovering from surgery, my daughter-in-law’s lower back while while we were having a birthday dinner at a restaurant. Without exception everyone felt better and had some level of perceived improvement from the treatment. both of my friends are getting a PEMF system, one already received his C5, and the other is going to order an M1. I myself plan on buying an M1 in the near future to take when I travel. I’m also looking for a whole body mat type system. I’m disappointed that Dr. Dennis hasn’t released one yet, but I am looking at the VASINDUX PRO+. I wish I could find an affordable system (whole body mat) with Far Infrared (FIR) for a reasonable price but haven’t come across such a mat that I can afford at the moment. Well if anyone is still with me after all that, I am a believer, and happy to be here learning from you all. Thanks



Hi @gunplt, welcome to the forum.

Assisi: I am familiar with the core technology of these devices. I think it is good, it has good scientific support, and interestingly it is quite a different technological approach to PEMF compared to ICES-PEMF. This is an example of how large the scope of biologically effective PEMF is. PEMF is not just “one thing”, it is vast.

Your success with ICES-PEMF: excellent! I am very glad to hear that it is so widely beneficial for you and your friends and family.

Chickens: cool, I would get some chickens if I could find the time, but I think at this point I am a bit over committed…

PEMF Mat: I am working with a group to try to bring honest and affordable PEMF mat technology to market. PEMF mats are very difficult to design because of the way magnetism works. Briefly, in my opinion, for technical reasons there is no such thing as a “whole body” mat. So there are many technical and business-related challenges to bringing a good PEMF mat to market.


Glad you found success with this technology. We’ve been enjoying the benefits since 2016 and I tell everyone about it that might benefit from it. It is a real treat to have this available and we are so thankful.

You may try this website which I find is a good resource for research.

Thank, I ran across Dr Pawluk’s site, and some of his body of work early on in my PEMF research. Thanks for the the info.

Lol, over committed. I can tell that just from reading your posts and watching your videos. Thanks for doing what you do!

Hello gunpit, great post, passing that along to my sister who has my A9 but is only using it an hour a day if that. She just had shoulder surgery. I was glad to read of your success and ability to help family and friends. I’ve been following the Rife story since the 80’s and have a Photon Sound Beam designed by Ed Skilling, but I was never sure it was really what Rife’s engineer Hoyland did to produce the resonant frequencies. I’ve recently found a group in Spokane that looks like they figured it out.

I’m ready to get one or two extra C5’s and the 16-magnet pads since I keep loaning out the three units we own. Really loving the results.

Aaron Murakami covers the likely Hoyland heterodyne method of creating sidebands with a sweep of audio frequencies creating them on both sides of a 3.1 Mhz center frequency. They’re also building a Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillator after reverse-engineering one found awhile back in Croatia. I’m pretty sure they know what they’re doing. They also have Eric Dollard on their team.

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I see that they build a device that generates special frequencies or signals. The presenter claims that he “hits” (for a moment?) every “Rife frequency” there is while sweeping the (Rife) frequency range.

Problem 1: I do not see a transmission device like a plasma tue, a coil - whatever! Only a frequency generator.

Problem 2: They have an Idea, I do not see reason to believe. Only “Rife may have done this” is no reasoning about the effects.

Problem 3: ICES shows that at least for PEMF/ICES its ore about the impulse shape than the frequency if it comes to energy transfer into tissues.Coils have to match the pulse generating circuit specifics.

Problem 4:I looked in a larger US Rife forum.Its not very active and it is more about the myriad of different designs than about effective claims that some devices really and actually does persistently something on a group of people with the same problem.

So, whats now? Someone build a expensive frequency generator that is manually controllable where one does not even see what was “dialed in”? That is bull… in my opinion.