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Is there an alternative way to confirm coil are working beside a coil test chip?

I’ve misplaced the test chip and wondered if anything else that might be around the house (a magnet?) might suffice, at least as an interim measure.

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Hold each coil up to your ear separately and if it is working you can hear the frequency as a clicking sound.


In addition to seeing if I can hear it, another way I can see if they are working is to stack the coils (bumpy to bumpy) with the M1 on something like Alpha power 9, if I hold the coils together and have my fingers on the edge over where they are together, I can feel them “pulse.”

My final way of knowing is that if I am using it and don’t feel any change after a couple days, sure enough, I have a short in one of the cables and need to replace the cable. Placebo - Nah. ICES PEMF drives discernible positive changes for me. It has been tried and true.


Another PEMF unit that I purchased came with a magnet to test the presence of a magnetic field. The magnet vibrates when I put it near one of the M1 coils. For whatever that is worth.


Thanks! Magnets are certainly ubiquitous, so a very handy trick

Another trick I sometimes use is to hold the coil against a thin metal sheet. Aluminum foil usually does the trick, but you could hold the coil against a refrigerator, washing machine, things like that, just so long as it is a sheet of metal. This amplifies the magnetostrictive effect, and usually makes the clicking sound very loud and easy to hear.

Hi @david,

While a magnet can attract some metals used in PEMF coils, it wouldn’t necessarily confirm they’re functioning correctly. Missing a test chip can be frustrating. If you’re looking for interim options, some manufacturers offer diagnostic tools you can connect to your device to confirm proper function. You could also reach out to the PEMF device manufacturer’s customer support. They might be able to advise on alternative testing methods or even offer a replacement test chip.

In the meantime, if your PEMF device seems to be functioning normally (lights turning on, settings adjusting), it might be a good sign. But for true peace of mind, getting a proper test done is ideal.

I believe @Davidk purchased one of the ICES PEMF devices sold on this site (fluxhealth.co). A replacement coil tester device can be purchased here: https://www.fluxhealth.co/coillife