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IMRS prime question

Hello. I just recently found information on pEMF and found your videos as well Bryant Meyer (IMRS) very helpful and informative. You both provide amazing information and go into a lot of detail around the science and physics of PEMF–thank you very much! Bryant speaks highly of you and your products. I am interested in the IMRS prime hybrid mat for treating the whole body in a systemic manner (which would help in healing multiple areas) but wanted your thoughts about this particular product. My husband also has had recent shoulder surgery and has herniated discs in his back causing pain. What are your thoughts on doing a whole body system vs treating specific areas only? Thank you so much for your time, knowledge and help! @Bob

Generally I do not think whole body PEMF is necessary. Most people, in my opinion, should focus on their primary injury. This is because the use of effective focal PEMF has much broader systemic effects. There is a lot of discussion all around this forum spanning many years if you want to understand why I hold this opinion.

As for the specific product you have mentioned, I think it is widely used and people often tell me that they get a lot of benefit from it, but I don’t have anything specific to say about it.

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I did not know that focal PEMF has broader systemic effects. I greatly appreciate your honesty and input on this. Thank you!

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I have an M1 and a IMRS Prime Hybrid.

My better part falls asleep instantly on the IMRS. The FIR heat is a great feature. But for application on a spot, even with the “Spot”, I think the effect is present, but not very powerfull. The day-time dependent brain wave entrainment seems to work somehow. May be the best feature. But the M1 has that, too. Still, I like to use it regularly but can not make out any distinct effect.

I recently had back-pain. Nothing resolved it. O.k. Cranio did some, but not IMRS - not the mat, nor the applicators. maybe the slightest, but no real help. Then I digged out my M1, put the 2*2 on it and on my back, held by a stretch belt, the M1 in a pocket. Could do anything in the house without movment restrictions. Did 4 times 1h “b5-c5” per day for 2 days and it got much better! The next days I will try the Omni-protocol.

If I have to give one away, I would give the IMRS away, not the much more versatile M1. Still, my better part would intervene :wink:

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I think this is a great example of how different people respond differently to different forms of PEMF, as well as other things like infra-red light. Even for one person, they can have a injury that responds well to one device, but a different injury elsewhere in their body responds better to the use of a different device.