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ICES PEMF to support out of control adrenals from Cushings?

Hi @Bob and forum, I have a friend with Cushing’s disease and they have narrowed down the issue to their adrenals and not to their pituitary gland. All standard medical treatments have failed. Out of control glucose and random bone breaks as common with Cushing’s are now happening. Wondering if ICES PEMF could help them. Does any one have experience with supporting adrenals directly with ICES PEMF over them? I plan to let them borrow one of my M1s and wanted to see if there is any experience with supporting the adrenals via ICES PEMF on the forum.

This would be very interesting to try, and very logical given the other available options. Unfortunately, I have no experience with it directly, but I am thinking there is reason to suspect it might be very helpful. My approach would be to stack coils, place directly over the adrenals (make sure to study the anatomy closely and identify good anatomical landmarks to be sure to be on target), set for Omni-8 and power = 10 or 11, and plan on building up to as many hours per day/night as possible.

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