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ICES and pregnancy

Are there any precautions with using ICES when pregnant?

My wife is pregnant and I’m trying to figure out if I should avoid using my M1 on myself at night because of proximity to her.
Any thoughts?

The problem is: you must be cautious with every single thing imaginable involving pregnancy.

As far as ICES-PEMF is concerned, or PEMF in general, I do not know of any reported or theoretical concerns, but I also do not know that anyone has tested it. And unfortunately you cannot ever prove that anything is safe, ever. Even if you test it on a billion people (and honestly, it would not have been safe for them) and there was not a single problem, then there is still no guarantee that the Billionth +1 person will not have a problem with it.

So, from an abundance of caution, I would not use this (or any) device on a pregnant person.

Thanks Bob!

Should I avoid using ICES on myself at night in our bed?

If you can guarantee that you will keep the ICES coils at least 8 inches away from her at all times, the magnetic fields will drop down to baseline (background level).

This is exactly what I needed to know! Thanks Bob