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I suddenly can see 3D

I have alternating exotropia, but the vision in one eye has changed dramatically and I have less control over that eye.

I started using the M-1 on my eye trying to get my brain to not shut down the eye. I have a gadget, which is a pair of glasses which briefly closes off vision to the good eye and then opens it again and I have pinhole glasses and I use YouTube videos and I eventually will be using Lazy Eye Tetris or another game for it, but I haven’t started that yet and I haven’t been consistent with any of it and that is an overstatement. I have used some of the things only once or twice.

Today though I had a decisive improvement in my ability to see 3D. I went to the movie, “Avengers Endgame” and I have gone to that series in IMAX with my friend since the first movie and we have gone to so many 3D IMAX movies. I can’t even name them all. The thing is, I don’t see 3D and never have been able to.

Years ago, they used to have those things you could stare at a pattern and an image would pop out and I would stand and stare at them for hours and would never have it happen. I would go and not have a 3D experience at all of these movies and today, I had one.

I still have my alternating exotropia but I was able to see 3D. Not sure what else to say.

I guess I can say that I bought a very soft headband and tucked the coils of the M1 in and put it on a low setting and thought to myself, “I will use it on my eyes for 7 minutes, then I will move it to my prefrontal cortex at bedtime.” I promptly fell asleep and woke up the next morning with the coils still on my eyes.

I don’t recommend that. From what I read a few years back, PEMF helps most people with eye issues, but I specifically remember that one person got worse and they weren’t sure if it was because of their specific eye condition or what.

Enough people got better that it is worth the risk, but they were doing short sessions. Not what I was doing.

I use gamma or theta or Omni at night depending on which area I am working on and I do not remember which setting it was on. I just particularly remember that my eyes couldn’t handle the light when I first took it off and I was so relieved that things got back to normal very quickly, but today’s experience makes me think something happened.

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I know this post is old but I have alternating exotropia too. I could never see those 3D pictures in books when I was kid either back when that was popular. I would stare and stare at it, never understanding how everyone was seeing the image pop out. So frustrating as a kid lol. Not sure if your school did those vision tests where you looked in those machines and had to tell them if the apple was on or off the table, and how many cubes were there. I never got that right lol. I’d tell the lady that it depends on what eye you want me to use. I’d get the “well it’s an eye test so both eyes” sarcastic answer. :laughing: That was back in the 80’s though. I digress…

My first question is…
Have you had any success with using the M1 for alternating exotropia?

Also as I get older(in my late 30’s), my eye muscles are weakening and now are showing signs of lazy eye(yes I know this is not the correct term), which has gotten worse in the past few years. It wasn’t too noticeable at first, I could hide it well. But now it’s getting more obvious.:pensive:

Second question…
Have you or anybody that reads this had/have success with Pemf to help correct or improve eye muscle strength for lazy eye? Any information on things tried whether it worked or not would be greatly appreciated.

Check my recent post about double vision. I use red light for ATP production.

i have noticed similar condition for my eyes and only can see 3d better when i focused on the use of my left eye…

too early to say (only been about a week of use on eye), but my vision and “drift” from weakness of eye is noticeably improved. I’ll continue applying to my frontal lobe and left eye (or both) to experiment and see how things progress!