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How to Mimick MRI effects on Brain and Body?


I have noticed that following MRI’s in T3 magnet MRI machines I generally feel more energetic and relaxed. I do 2 routine annual MRIs as a cancer survivor from many years ago and began noticing these effects. Weirdly when I tried TMS therapy for mild depression several years ago I had a terrible response after just a few sessions. I felt severe fatigue, worse anxiety, muscle weakness etc. I think TMS is barbaric the way its currently used. Way too powerful.

Is there any setting on the M1 ICES device and coil placement that can mimick an MRI machine’s effects? Both on the brain and body wide.

Are your MRIs done with contrast? I suppose that could change the way you feel too.

I had them both with and without contrast and same effect. I highly doubt toxic gadolinium would provide any positive health benefit, if anything it does the opposite especially longer term.

Oh, definitely wasn’t implying that contrast has a positive health benefit, especially in the long term. just that it might make you feel better in the short term. Cocaine makes people feel better in the short term, you know what I mean? But since you’ve had the same positive effect with and without contrast, that would rule that out.

I agree: TMS is way too high. Most people who know hoe it was developed agree. It’s stuck at that unnecessarily high level as a result of the fact that regulatory re-approval for a lower (SAFER, MORE INTELLIGENT, MORE EFFICIENT, MORE EFFECTIVE, WITH FEWER SIDE EFFECTS) intensity level would be far too time consuming and costly, so literally everyone uses way too much power.

Does our device emulate the effects of MRI: unknown. The magnetic circuit and the design intent of the magnetic field modulation for MRI is entirely different from what our ICES-PEMF devices are designed to do, so the only way to know would be for someone to try it, experiment a bit, and see how they respond.

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