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How to hold the coils on the shoulder

I can’t figure out how to make the velcro wrap stay on my shoulder, especially with my left hand. Those who use the ICES on your shoulder/shoulder capsule, how do you hold it? Feel free to link to a product if appropriate.

NatthaW, I would use kinesiology/sport tape rather than velcro. There are lots of different brands on Amazon.

I bought a compression shoulder brace from Amazon. I ended up sewing them to the brace, wore them 24/7 for 2 weeks. Only problem is it made my shoulder itchy!

I have used kinesiology tape.

I use mine in conjunction with my various trigger point sticks in double stack configuration.

interesting. how long does it take you to feel something?

If the area is injured I feel pain within 5-10 seconds. If I don’t, I move on to another area an inch away until every surface area no longer has pain. Some spots can take days to make it go away 3-4 hours of active/intentional pressure-pulsing a day). I’d say some areas take as little as an hour while others may take as long 3 hours a day for a week for a single spot.

But the pain and issue is completely resolved when the pain finally subsides (never to return for the same issue) so I consider the short time irritating pain worth it. I’ve been doing it almost every or every other day for 18 months now.

You mean 5 -10 sec for pain relief?

No, actually 5-10 seconds of applying pressure onto an area in order to encourage the body to produce pain in order to identify injury. Not any harder than the amount you’d use to release a trigger point on a muscle. Still hurts like crazy but you’ll see the difference when you press into an area with and without the machine turned on. Then you realize the energy from the machine is evoking the body to create a pain response and (I believe) normalize the area over time.

Hey cupofcoffey!

I’m intrigued by this technique you’re describing. Just so I’ve got it straight, you’re first testing the area for tenderness by pressing on it without the coils, then you’re placing the coils over top, waiting 5-10 seconds, then re-testing to see if the area has become sensitive/ more sensitive. And if the coils do invoke an obvious pain response, you take that as a sign to focus on that area until tenderness is no longer induced by the pressure + coils? And your treatment protocol simply consists of a combination of sustained pressure + PEMF?

Have you found that any particular PEMF settings seem to be working better for you, with this protocol?

Also, you mention using the same amount of pressure you might use on a trigger point in a muscle. So this seems to imply you aren’t treating muscle tissue, for this technique? Have you tried using it on trigger points?

Sorry for so many questions - and thanks so much for the useful info!

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Sorry for the delay in responding.

The short answer to your question is that I am using a modified combination of Matrix Repatterning techniques I picked up from reading the book (and observing videos on YouTube) under that same name and my own trial and error from Applied Kinesiology theory and DIY.

I have found consistent results from placing the coil over a given area of my body and the immediately evident loss of strength (tested by pressing down on my extended arm by my wife). I use a dry erase marker to note these spots, check to see if it coincides with one of the 12 main acupuncture meridian points, check to see what the symptoms would be if that spot was injured and in almost every case they all line up. Sometimes I even check meridian teeth maps to see if that also is connected.

The complexity comes in the discovery of the injured spots and whether my symptoms are related to an isolated quarter-sized spot, a series of interconnected and interdependent parts of fascia or merely referred pain from another area (Matrix Repatterning explains this best).

Treating it is the easy part! I just stack the coils (2-6 of them) and use a deliberate amount of pressure to induce as much pressure on the spot as I can comfortably handle and then the burning sensation only happens when the device is powered on AND the area is injured. Once it’s healed it goes away on its own. Sometimes it takes 30 minutes and sometimes it’s days of me doing this for 3 hours each evening after work.

It never fails and the ability to muscle test its sustained strength and the lack of burning when I try again months later is indicative of its success. We both do this and have taught our friends as well.

Hope this helps (no pun intended)! Lemme know if you have any more questions.