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Horse with severe hock problems

My daughters pony had severe hock problems and had cortisone injections in both hocks. They only lasted 2 months. The vet came out and injected him again. I knew this was not working so I researched PEMF machines and found the inventor had now moved onto ICES machines. I emailed him with my problems and he got straight back. I bought an M1 machine. Used vet wrap and short coils. Put it on Omn18 protocol. On a low intensity of 5 and used on alternate hocks each day. It was on for 7 -8 hours a day. Within 2 mweeks we noticed a big difference and kept using it for a further 2 weeks. This was in August 2018. He has had no further cortisone injections and it’s nearly the end of May!


Thanks for sharing, Sandra! That is good to hear.

Thanks for posting that Sandra. I hear very similar reports from horse owners, but none of them seem to want to tell anyone else about it, they just want to tell me how happy they are. That’s fine, but I think more people should know this, so thanks.