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Holding Coils in Place Using Hands

I’m still a total beginner to the M1 and PEMF, and am wondering if anyone else experiences a slight pain from holding the coils in place with one or two hands? (Omni 8, intensity 9, 20 minutes-1 hour per session) It is a very localized stinging sensation on the right tip of my index finger directly next to the nail, where hangnails can develop.

I plan to get some material to hold them in place. Hopefully wearing some thick gloves will help!

Larophile, what area of your body are you treating with your ICES device?

does the pain come on as soon as you touch the coils? is it less on lower power? is it a dull pain? sharp? have you had injury there? do you get pain using different fingers, hand, body part holding it?