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Hip Issues

Hello. I’m a new member of this forum and this is my first post! I’m also a new owner of the Micro-Pulse A9a and have a few questions about using it to address my hip issues.

I’ll spare you the details but my orthopedic doctor has just told me that he thinks I have a stress fracture or its precursor in my left hip based on my description of the pain in my left groin area. (Nothing showed up on the x-rays or MRI.) I never have pain when I’m off my feet, only when walking, especially after sitting for a while. Although I’m not a runner, his diagnosis makes sense due to my age (79) and a recent BMD test that indicated osteopenia in my hips.

I’ve read that I shouldn’t put much weight on that leg for at least 4-6 weeks to give it a chance to heal so have started doing that. I know that PEMF is good for healing bone and am interested in using the A9a to speed that process along, if possible. I’ve also seen that @Bob recommends using the model C5 with deep field coils to address hip arthritis pain. Does that recommendation also apply to hip stress fractures that seem to be more localized to the groin area? If the A9a could provide some bone healing benefit, should I stack the coils or place them side-by-side?

Thanks for your help. All comments welcome.


I used the model A9 (at the time, only a prototype) for my right hip issues and was able to get excellent results in 3-4 months of daily use, when otherwise it was getting worse. It has been trouble-free for about 6 years now. My left hip has been more challenging, but the benefits are still very clear. Several other people have reported to me similar results.

If using the A9, you should stack the coils directly over the point of maximum pain. Finding a way to hold them in place will be a bit of a challenge. Consider alternating this coil placement with coils on opposite sides of the point of maximum pain (front and back).

I would suggest you use it as long as you can, every day, and give it a couple of months.

Please remain in touch and let us know, good, bad, or otherwise and if you have any insights as you gain experience.

Apologies for the delay in responding… I did not see your post for almost 7 minutes.


I got my hands on a A9 early this week, and I bougt it becouse of issues with my right hip.

The doctor could not do anything and the physiotherapist did some good, but it felt more like a wast of money. After reading about ICES I decided to give it a try.

After using the A9 for 24 hrs a day for almost a week, i finally was able to exercise yesterday. I was taking a long walk in the woods with the A9 attached and the coils stacked as Bob described, and for the first time in 6 months there was no pain.

First you think that you are just having a “good” day. But when the following days also is a “good” day, you realise that something is happening.

I will continue to use the A9 until I am able to walk and run without the A9 attached to my body.

I am very grateful for getting my hand on this device. It has already changed my life.
It is a huge relief to start feeling better every day insted of slowly getting worse.


Excellent, thanks for the feedback.

Bob, after I stack the coils on my hips, What intensity do I set the A9 at? The lowest, highest or in between?? Please reply ASAP. Thank you.

I would set the a9 on H to start with. Generally very few people need the setting X. It will not “feel” like anything is happening because excess useless energy is not being dissipated into your tissues (as happens with TENS, etc)