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Health Update! Sodium Gated Channelopathy-periodic paralysis

I have been visiting the forum for sometime and always have bizarre symptoms of myoclonic seizures and sometimes more severe seizures. I just got my genetic tests back. Of course I had mentioned I have POTS, Mast Cell disease and Ehlers Danlos but they think what is making it all worse is my bodies electricity that is causing the neuropathic pain and many other symptoms and worsening the diseases. I have a genetic mutation that causes my sodium ion Channel to close the gate and pushing out potassium causing severe life threatening crisis. Hallelujah! So I take potassium. It’s not been easy but helping a lot and maybe this is why I have strange reactions to electrical devices like tens unit as well. But hoping the potassium will work in conjunction with my PEMF for nerve healing. Thanks so much.

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Try increasing your electrolytes. The best form is the Ionic versions of Potassium, Magnesium, Iodine and Chromium available at GoodState health and Trace minerals. You can look up Dr. James Dinicolantonio. He wrote a book called The Mineral fix and the Salt fix. You probally need to go on one of the Low Carb Diets as well.