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Has anyone used a M1 through as cast?

I’m having surgery for torn tendons in my inner ankle this week. Has anyone used the M1 after surgery through a splint or cast to aid in healing?

Were you able to use it with the cast and observe any results? My 10 year old just fractured 2 bones and tore fascia on the bottom of his foot. I tried the coils on the outside of the cast for a few days but realized I had just enough room at the open toe part of the cast to slide a coil above and below his foot into the cast. It fits perfect, but probably stressing the coils a bit.

I’m doing Omni Pause 5, intensity 10-14, as much as i can on until the battery runs out, maybe a little more on the weekend when we’re home and can swap the battery. I don’t want to risk breaking the M1 at night, so I put grounding patches on his toes and just below his knee where the cast ends. Once he’s out of the cast and into a boot, I’ll start using some red & near-infrared light as well. Lastly, daily protein with extra collagen power as well.

I’m clearly throwing the whole kitchen sink at it. Open to any suggestions the forum may have as well.

@Bob Do you have insights on whether A9 and M1 will work through a cast? Someone asked me this last night as well.

I did use it through my cast! I used the Omni 8 at 11. I think it made a huge difference! I’ve been out of my cast for about 4 weeks now and still use it all night.

I was supposed to have my cast for two weeks longer then I did, and my doctor said it healed so well, I got to go into a walking boot early.

It worked on both my plaster cast, and my fiberglass cast.

Apparently a bit late, but…

YES, it should work fine through a cast. The only real issue is that a thick cast can cause too much distance between coils and tissue. Strategy: get the coils as close as you can to the skin, and use higher intensity settings if the cast is thick.

This is not the first time I have heard this excellent result. Generally this technology works very well through a cast. I am happy that you got such good results so swiftly.

Ortho surgeons who use this device for bone/tendon injuries tell me that the result is typically a 2x to 3x faster recovery rate, plus better quality healing.


Update on this - after using the M1, grounding, protein & collagen, red / infrared lights and a supplement called SPM-Active, the 2 fractures and fascia seem to be healed in 30 days. I know kids are capable of healing faster than adults, but 30 days seems surprisingly quick. I can’t say which intervention contributed more than any other, but I’ll definitely give the M1 some of the credit.

Awesome - way to go! Thanks for sharing the bundle that worked for you. Will be looking into Metagenics SPM-Active. What protein/collagen supplement did you use?

Hi there. I lent my friend my M1 as she just sustained a sports injury to her wrist. She is a (phenomenal) PT who is interested in trying ICES/PEMF for her own immediate healing and potentially in her practice. She tried to post the following question (about coil placement re internal hardware) last week but I think it didn’t post properly so I’m pasting her (revised) question below, as I think it is related to this conversation. I hope that’s okay!

“I have a question on the most effective way to use the micro-pulse M1. I recently sustained a distal radial fracture requiring an ORIF. I have questions if there is any contraindications to applying pads over the site of the internal hardwear. I have on open spot on the cast that if indicated I could apply the pads on the dorsal part of my wrist. Is there any protocol you would recommend to increase bone health?
I am also a physical therapist and obviously hoping to help heal my wrist and then transfer this information/knowledge in my practice
Thank you for your help
Silver-Bernstien, PT”

PS I just saw the thread in “General Health> Stimulate bone growth?” and noticed Bob and others’ comments about bone regeneration/etc. I also found the info on metal implants in other threads-- so assuming that’s equivalent to the internal hardware, I can relay that info, too. Just wanted to flag that here, so that it doesn’t need to be repeated–sorry I didn’t catch that sooner!

2 configurations you can try to see if one helps (feeling of pain or comfort) over another:

  1. sandwiched your wrist at max (thru cast) OR
  2. stacked over wrist at med-high for deeper penetration

the thing is, it’s hard to gauge what configuration works better for you

This is good advice I think. ICES-PEMF seems to work very well with metal implants (contrary to my initial concerns).