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Has anyone tried the ApolloNeuro wearable?

Given the posts on HRV and approaches to increasing calmness or increasing focus, etc, curious if anyone has purchased the ApolloNeuro wearable (uses vibrations to supposedly increase HRV, improve focus, etc) and what your experience has been.

@TajD, I’ve had an Apollo Neuro for about 2.5 years. I was part of their beta testing for their sleep enhancing program (it turns on when it detects movement when sleeping to try to put you back to sleep). I also use it to wind down before bed and during the day to focus better. My sleep is a bit better, but I also use the Hapbee under my pillow when sleeping and have a grounding sheet and I haven’t kept close enough track to know which is having the biggest impact. I think they allow a 30 day trial if you want to directly experiment and they offer $200 refurbished models now. Customer support has been good.

@CajunBiohacker thanks so much for sharing your experience. I purchased it 3 weeks ago and notice an improvement in overall sense of well being in the last 3 weeks. HRV seems to increase and heart bpm seems to decline after the “mindfulness” minutes recorded by using the Apollo Neuro according to the Welltory App.

I find I “sleep harder” using the grounding mat. It is a nice feeling. It reminds me of being a kid and going to sleep was like entering a different world and see the world with a new set of eyes the next day.

@TajD, that’s great news! I’m glad that sharing my experience has been helpful in your journey. I have participated in some of Apollo’s research programs and you might explore that also, if it’s something that interests you.

That sounds very interesting. How did you sign up for that?

@TajD, they sent me an email asking if I wanted to participate, but they have several studies now on this page: https://apolloneuro.com/pages/studies-roundup and there are buttons to “join” for a number of them if any interest you. Good luck!

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