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Gut Inflammation

Hi @bob,

I have an M1 and C5 that my father bought for us a few years ago. I’ve used it on and off for certain things and want to try using it to help my current health issue - gut inflammation and leaky gut.

I read a previous thread where you suggest using the C5 and playing around with 2x2 arrays and also the deep field coils (just bought these from you, excited to try!).

A few questions:

  1. I’m going to try the 2x2 arrays and deep field coils, but would it also be beneficial to try a simple opposite side configuration - one coil on my front abdomen and one in the back?

  2. Can you recommend which programs I should try? I’m thinking the B5 C5 or Omni, and at a moderate power of 9. But if there’s anything else you might recommend, let me know.

  3. How many times per week would you suggest? And how long should each session be?

  4. I started using the M1 a little bit for it and I think I had a herxheimer/die off reaction, have you heard of that before from people with gut issues?

Thanks so much for taking my questions. Much appreciated!


I have tried it a bit, and several people, including my sister, have used it extensively, all with good outcomes. Anecdotally, this is what they tell me:

Yes, Herxheimer-type reactions are initially somewhat common. For some people it seems to be initially quite dramatic. For me personally, this did not seem to be much of an issue.

Most people seem to benefit from the Omni-8 protocol, but others like Alpha-wave or Schumann 4. Individuals vary, and I find that their preferences change over time.

I would use it every day for an hour or so at an intensity of 9 or 10. You might try lower intensity if you respond strongly at first.

You will need to try various coil configurations, but I personally find that stacked coils (bumpy-side to bumpy-side) works best for me.


Hi @Bob,

Thanks so much for your reply, I appreciate it!

That all makes sense and sounds good. One last question - what is the difference between B5 C5 and the Omni-8 protocol? I think I read in one of your manuals that the B5 C5 is the latest, but study results are still not complete. I’m curious about how they might work differently in the body.

Thanks again!

The B5-C5 protocol has slightly altered timing between switching modes, and for one of the modes it combines low frequency pulses (5 pps) simultaneously with high-frequency pulses (bursts of 100 pps pulses once every second). They are otherwise identical, and people tend to see very little difference between them on the basis of biological effects.

Got it - thank you, @Bob!

Hi @Josh, in our family’s experience, if detox pathways are not open, even 10 minutes of ICES M1 stacked coils, with Alpha power level 9, below naval can cause die off (herxheimer reaction). With severe gut dysbiosis and poor functioning detox pathways, in our experience, we start very small with a few minutes and have binders ready (clay, activated charcoal, or other) and we are prepared to have diarrhea, headaches, irritability for 24 hours. That being said, the ICES M1 seems to be the best at expunging pathogenic bacteria and pathogenic yeast, and we’ll be using it more once detox pathways are open.

Separately, in my case, I used ICES M1 Alpha power 9 for 1 hour, then following morning had uncontrollable diarrhea. Since then, I have used Researched Nutritionals BLT to remove pathogenic bacteria and yeast and have worked up to slowly to 32 drops/ day after 8 months. It has been transformative. I worked up to ICES pulsed water (structured water) (100 oz a day) which had a cleansing effect on my gut. Then now, I can put the C5 on my gut for multiple hours and not have any negative side effects.

Hi @TajD

Thank you so much for your response and all this valuable information! I think that die off is what I experienced using the M1 for an hour below my navel. I like your idea of using activated charcoal and will give that a try. I’ve never heard of Researched Nutritionals BLT, sounds like it really helped and I think I might give that a try too.

A couple questions for you when you get the chance:

  1. You used Alpha, has that been the most beneficial for you? What about Omni 8 or Schuman 4?

  2. I didn’t know I could use ICES to create structured water. It has a cleansing effect? How do I do it? Is there a particular program or intensity?

Thanks again, very much appreciated!


Hi @Josh, on the gut, Omni 8 and Alpha seemed to work about the same for me. I haven’t tried Schumann 4.

I just set a glass of water on double stacked coils on Alpha 15 or 10 PPS 15 (doesn’t seem to make a difference) for 5 min. I think even 1 minute has the same impact. It has a very cleansing effect. Personally, I had bad headaches for 3 days as I worked up from 0 ounces to 100 ounces a day (I likely should have gone slower but chose to go aggressively). For others in the family 4 ounces caused huge energy boost first evening (not being able to sleep until a couple hours later than usual) and diarrhea the next day. Then they stabilized on it with only the positive effects and no negative effects.

Sharing one additional item: bile production / bile flow was a key pathway that we needed to support to help with detox. We are using PHP Phase 2.5 and it has helped immensely. Oral Bentonite Clay (we use Premier Research Labs Bentonite Clay) is also great at binding endotoxins (LPS which are released when pathogenic bacteria is killed).

In retrospect, if I don’t have debilitating dieoff from ICES PEMF, but have manageable dieoff, I would just use ICES PEMF on the gut and start with say 5 min a day and work up. For one of my family members, the die off was too much. Also, Researched Nutritionals BLT has worked great for our family, but also caused tremendous dieoff in our family unless we used binders and ensured bile production and bile flow were in place.

Thank you so much, @TajD! This is all really great information and I appreciate you taking the time share your experience!

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@Josh My pleasure. This is a high quality forum that @Bob has created and glad to be a part of it. Looking forward to hearing how it works (or doesn’t) for you.

…we are all thinking that the “die off”, are only the bad bacteria. That’s a big assumption. Are the good bacteria mysteriously resistant to a concentrated pemf signal, from such a small coil?
I’d be willing to bet, that if a pemf device can cause a Herxheimer reaction,
than it is probably all - both good and bad, that are being harmed or even destroyed
in our intestinal tracts from the treatment.

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I have questioned this as well and set out to get the answer for myself. In carefully tracking my experience for 2 years of gut shifting and using antimicrobial herbs and ICES PEMF, I now have the best gut I can ever remember as personally measured by stool type, brain calmness, focus, energy, and mood/disposition. I can put ICES PEMF on my gut for hours and not have any negative effects now. That’s enough data for me to conclude that ICES PEMF is not negatively affecting my good bacteria.

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hey JD… I’ve begun using 2 double stacked coils on my liver overnight or all day (10-12h at a time), and i was wondering if you’ve tried this yet. I’ve only done this maybe 2days of the week but haven’t noticed anything yet. i have a9s working on H setting… maybe it’s too early to ask about it or note any symptoms. i thought i might experience some kind of detox effect, but nope.

I’m hoping this will provide liver support as well as provide pemf’ing blood for overall health benefit :man_shrugging:

have you tried this yet?

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Hey @OptimalHealth, I haven’t tried that yet, but was thinking of trying it on myself after learning about castor oil packs which I plan to try on one in my family soon. I will let you know if I notice any effects.

I’ve heard of castor oil packets, but have yet to try. when you do this, how will you be able to differentiate ices from the packs?

i THINK it creates gas for me haha but i can’t tell as it’s not consistent :thinking:

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My take on this is that PEMF tends to restore normal conditions by reducing pathological conditions, such as inflammation. Some micro-organisms and pathological cells (such as bacteria and cancer cells) thrive because they are able to maintain a localized micro-environment that is out-of-balance, inflamed, etc. By restoring normal micro-conditions and cellular function, certain types of cells/organisms are much less able to thrive (or hide). In this way I think PEMF acts indirectly but very effectively to selectively kill off the bad stuff while not harming the good stuff, so to speak. I think there is some pretty good evidence in the cancer literature to support the hypothesis of this mechanism. And I think it logically follows that a similar mechanism may work in the gut (or any place else). I do not have direct data to support this, but it seems logical to me, and it explains a lot of what I have been seeing and hearing for about a decade.


I don’t know where to post this being a newbie here…
I am an elderly disabled veteran with “significant spinal nerve root impingement”, severe right-hip dysplasia, sciatica, and other maladies.
When younger, Vitamin C megadosage to bowel tolerance (usually 5G) always covered whatever difficulties I had. But, the last few years I found I could not tolerate it…50/50 bicarb only nullified the ascorbates.
So, I found a wonderful lab blended, buffered C from Bronson. We put 2G in water every day, actually good-tasting.
So I have an A9 and found that the C and ICES are WONDERFUL together…
Synergistic and rejuvenating.
I’m also a military trained electronics tech and ex-broadcast engineer, so I have some in-depth understanding of the PEMF process.
Hoping This helps,

By “2G” I meant 1/2 teaspoon, which is a 2 gram dose.

have you considered liposomal c?

also, what benefits have you noticed with c and pemf?

Yes, I’ve used the much-vaunted liposomal C with poor to no results…
BIG problem in the Vit C community is this belief that you can take a beneficial acid (ascorbate) and “buffer” it with bicarb with the benefits remaining.
I’m no chemist, but when you see foaming and reactivity, you can pretty-well believe that the ion exchange is DONE at that moment. Now you’re taking a nasty tasting INERT substance having no-chance of benefit.
I was blessed to have found a laboratory-grade Vit C product that has just the right amount of buffering…At-last, a product that is close to neutral, with the C benefits remaining. A higher-level, stronger, and easier existence ensues. I believe 100% of seniors are deficient in C.
BTW, some snafu in the server had me re-register as a new account, and that is under “Riccaro”, so until I can delete the rambus, I suppose I’ll have two accounts(?)