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Gums, teeth, infection by bacteria

recently, i had fallen asleep a few nights on the couch without getting the chance to brush my teeth… the first night was dinner without sweets… the second night was 2 chocolate chip cookies… i don’t usually have pain if i fall asleep before brushing, but maybe the extra sugar from the cookies and the carbs of the meal was enough to add to the load in my mouth overnight to get into my gums and root of my teeth. the next day most of my top teeth were in pain.

soaking my mouth in 3% peroxide and gargling 4 times for about 2 mins each rinse helped some but the pain was still there. pain was reduced by about half but it was still to sensitive to chew on solid foods.

next i took the coils side by side on M set for 45 mins… it helped some, but there was nagging pain behind my teeth… no longer aching the front of my gumlines. then tried stack at H for another 30 mins… no noticable improvement in pain behind teeth.

last test was to put the stacked coils behind my top teeth. :thinking: so this is what i did

i wrapped the stacked coils in a sandwich bag and put it in my mouth behind my teeth… within 30 mins the pain was gone and i was able to go back to chewing the beef jerky i was looking to devour. :upside_down_face:

since then, I’ve been applying the coils to my mouth side by side at night in hopes to help with gum recession… I’ll prolly continue this 2-3 nights a week until i get my c5 back so I can have a set dedicated to that every night.


With red light (the community I’m coming from) it’s known that it affects inflammation in the gums. And for some you’ll get more saliva. Especially if salivary glands have inflammation making them dry. Did you notice any increased saliva while treating?

putting that plastic wrapped ring in my mouth naturally produced saliva haha… but i don’t think anymore than anything else. i just know that the pain went away without worrying about it coming back.

@OptimalHealth, I’ve experienced excruciating pain on the top side of my mouth once. It was after I consumed very hard food (Pita Chips) the night prior. Also, after eating popcorn and biting into kernels. I am convinced that behavior cracked and traumatized some of my teeth and contributed to the loss of several teeth resulting in implants. I stopped eating hard foods since then.

yes… as i get older, I’m finding that i have to be more conservative/cautious what kind of things I’ll attempt to chew on! haha

I’ll take the experience to heart :+1:t4: thanks!

We’re you using the A9 device or the M1? If it is the M1 then which program were you using? Thank you

i was using the a9 at M…

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