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Genetic expression or suppression

Has anyone found information as to whether PEMF / ICES causes genetic suppression or expression?

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There are studies on PubMed where they do talk about PEMF modulating gene expression, usually followed by which gene (There are several genes listed in a few different articles.

For instance, there is one that says:

PEMF therapy may regulate gene expression by influencing the activation of ion channels.

and one says

Furthermore, PEMF therapy modulates gene expression and protein synthesis interacting with specific DNA sequences within gene promoter regions 18, 38, 40, 41, 58, 103.

and one says

At 4 days, PEMF significantly diminished IL-1α-associated gene expression of NF-κB, IL-1α, IL-1β, and tended to reduce IL-6 gene expression. Pulsed electromagnetic field treatment also reduced IL-17 gene expression, but not TNFAIP6 gene expression in proinflammatory conditions.

Those aren’t about ICES specifically and each study was examining different genes.

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This was the very first thing we studied when I worked with NASA on this general subject. Very specifically, the first generation of ICES-PEMF technology (ICES 1.0) does result in the up-regulation of genes related to the growth and regeneration of tissues, specifically extracellular matrix proteins. This is reported in a NASA Technical Paper from 2003:

Many gene families were tested, and different groups of genes were either up- or down- regulated.

Unfortunately, only part of this work was reported by the scientist at NASA at that time. I published the other half of the work more recently:


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