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Full Body Mat for Blood Alkilinity and overall Health Benefits

Hi, I have researched PEMF on and off over the years, but recently started diving deeper and came accross @Bob today.

I have been interested in the “grounding/earthing” benefits of PEMF and the affect that laying on a full body mat can have on the the alkilinity of the blood and the resulting health benefits of that. Jason Tebeau and Gary Brecka are fascinating thought leaders on this, and it’s been fun to learn about. They sell the “Purewave” device, which is pricey but does have proven results on the changes of the blood flow under a microscope.

I was just wondering anyone knows if there is a more affordable option for those grounding results and full body blood alkilinity benefits (tested to last up to 12 hours and help blood flow throughout the body and the transport of blood oxygen) when laying on it for about 10 minutes.

As far as I can tell the products sold here are more for specific smaller areas of the body, so it seems like that wouldn’t work, and a mat would be needed for a whole body benefit. Interested if anyone has found a good option that doesn’t cost $5000.