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Favorite Settings for M1

I’ve had mine for a while and I’m always tinkering with other options and power levels but was wondering if the community can share what works for them?

What are your favorite modes? What power levels do you prefer? How about coil placement? Do you use any over the other for certain treaments/areas? If so, why?

I am just trying to get a better understanding of how to optimize my usage.

Thanks in advance!

My answer will be, it depends.

First off, which system you have. M-1 versus C-5, for instance, and that will give you a different number of coils.

I think, to some degree, you want to use common sense.

If you are treating an area close to the surface, you don’t need to stack coils, for instance, but if you are doing deep brain or hips or if you are obese, then actually reaching the area that you are trying to reach may mean to stack coils.

When I was treating my injured ankle, I used a higher power than normal and put a coil on either side of the ankle and mostly used it for a long period of time.

When I use it for sleep, I tend to need the quietest, lowest power possible and I honestly listened to the sounds of each setting to find gentler settings and I tend to put it side by side behind my head so that it doesn’t wake me up when I move around.

When I was trying to reach deep brain areas, I used the C5 and double-double stacked them. Yes, sitting in a reclining chair tucking the stacks into a big hat. I don’t do that for anything other than the deepest brain levels and hips. And, I will add that I am not an expert. It did help tremendously, but I will say that it may be even more important to not get into one pattern. The body habituates and varying things seems like the way to go, in my opinion. Taking time off for a few weeks after using a program for a while is one way that seems to help me.

I use many of the settings and intentionally mix things up and intentionally rest after a few weeks of intensive usage.

Hi BetterEveryDay,

I also broke my ankle (trimalleolar fracture) and wonder how you used ICES. I have the models B5, C5 and M1


Hi Carsten,

Sorry that I didn’t see your post.

I took Bob’s advice back then and kept it on day and night at a medium power.

I think he said that many people didn’t respond as well until they turned the power down and went as long as possible.

I had the M-1 back then and I bought an adapter because of how fast I went through batteries.

I put the coils on either side of my ankle and wrapped them on with a bandage wrap and let it do its thing. Pretty sure I used Omni 8 back then.

It honestly worked so quickly that I don’t have more to say than that.

Hi BetterEveryDay,

Thanks very much for getting back to me - will follow your advice!


@Carsten How is your ankle? A friend of mine recently broke their ankle and I am curious to hear of your experiences with your B5, C5 or M1.

Hi TajD,

I used the Omni setting, on all devices, while placing up to 4 x 2 coils around the ankle. The bones and soft tussies recovered ca. 2.5 times faster, than the doctors expected, and the pain was reduced signiicantly.

As I have been diagnosed with CRPS, as a consequence of a nerve being damaged during operation, I’m now also running ICES on my head, using all brain frequencies, which should help the crosswired and stressed/inflamed nerves.