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Fantasy coil device for head

I am still reading studies on PEMF at PubMed and I looked at a PEMF study for resistant depression and they had a helmet with seven separate coils!

A helmet with 7 separate coils! Doesn’t need to be a helmet. I am thinking a headband with a place to put each coil, but my mind is wanting to see what a C-5 with all deep-coil could do.

Obviously, I have had so many excellent experiences with this device, that I am not afraid of anything, except it not reaching far enough.

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I am knowing that the conservative safety-oriented inventor of the product would prefer me not advising people toward directions like that.

I just was struck by the fact that the successful study had 7 coils on the brain.

The most fundamental and critical step in research and development is making sure a product is safe to use. I, too, appreciate the careful and conservative policy of never making a claim and, more importantly, reminding others that the device remains in the experimental stage - especially for applications involving close proximity to the brain. Back in the nineties, I noticed a research article about the use of transcranial magnetic stimulation for people with clinical depression. The medical researcher had documented substantial therapeutic effects using magnetic stimulation. Besides using magnetic stimulation for depression, the doctor also explored the effects on basic cognitive function and even noted some participants experienced a temporary improvement in IQ tests immediately following some TMS sessions. I believe the hypothesis was the TMS may have temporarily depolarized the hemispheres of the brain which may induce a synergy effect on cognitive capacity. This is an intriguing area of study using the TMS settings.


Yes, the studies are fascinating. The one I was reading was PEMF versus professional TMS and that is even more interesting that it worked for treatment resistant depression.

The studies I had read before targeted certain areas of the brain or the vagal nerve, which I have done. This particular study used 7 coils and low power and that is interesting to me.

I am recovering from brain problems and this does seem to be helping. It hasn’t registered on the brain gauge yet, but I feel more coherent and like I am more awake.

Having had brain problems for a while, I look at the depression studies because it is easy to get discouraged. For decades, I struggled with suicidal depression. I don’t anymore, but I will tell you that I am angry that medical technology runs so slowly that people who do struggle with depression aren’t being handed devices like these.

It may be a stupid little thought in my head, but Bob having had a stroke, is part of why I don’t want to wait to get the C-5. He is this breath-takingly precious researcher who is selling products, which genuinely work at prices I can afford. Sort of. I shouldn’t be buying another one yet, but if something happened to Bob and suddenly the market is such that I have to spend $1000 going to a professional or $6000 to $20,000 for something else, which works, I would be kicking myself.

Sorry, Bob, for using you in that type of analogy.

I have a few people in my life who have been in counseling literally since they were teenagers and one of them is retirement age and has been on all sorts of depression medications, which she can’t afford, and none of them have helped. She can’t get to TMS and couldn’t afford it unless insurance covered it.

Honestly, I am not there in that type of depression and haven’t been for so long, but I did have a brain breakdown and that and chronic pain and things like strokes taking away function… all of those conditions cause people to become so desperate.

When my relative had a stroke, she lost her independence, but she was so lucky. At the same time she has a stroke, another woman had a stroke and lost her voice and lost her ability to move and will live in a nursing home for the rest of her life even if she gets the function back now.

Nope, I never want to be without one.

Imo, cardiovascular exercise and stretching, esp outdoors, is one of the most important and overlooked health boosters for all issues including brain. And it’s also the least expensive. :wink:
In my view, Devices are ideally seen as stepping stones or adjunct tools to the wholistic way and preferably to be transcended or dependency minimized if able .



I am not going to disagree with you about that. Exercise is good for the brain and does a lot of the same things PEMF or an anti-inflammatory diet does.

As the people around me get older, some of them can’t make it to their mail box without pain and those people aren’t going to exercise.

Some of them have balance issues and most of them have poor vision and things like arthritis and obesity, etc.

I have more than one people who have been in so much pain for so long that they are thinking they are going to end up in wheel chairs forever. They can stand up with help, but not for long.

The two people I have in mind can barely manage at self-care and are not managing at apartment-cleaning.

I look at my relatives who had strokes and they can’t just exercise even on their own.

Healthy young people don’t have concepts of what it is like to not be able to walk to the bathroom or kitchen or get out of bed without help.

Whole Food Plant Based diet interests me because that can turn people around from wheel chair bound and blind to seeing and being able to move. PEMF can do the same thing.

I say it because I am not sure which thing is the adjunct.

It depends on which one people can manage to succeed at.

Some people are so depressed that they lose their job and won’t get out of bed. Diet can bring down inflammation and stop them from killing themselves is what studies on inflammation and depression and inflammation and PTSD cause me to think, but if they can’t change their diets, then, a PEMF might bring down their inflammation the same way.

It doesn’t matter to me which they start with.

I used the ICES to help change my food preferences and I used it similar to a Modius to help with weight loss before I could possibly succeed at changing my diet.

Now, diet is primary, but back then, the ICES was primary. Then, people lose weight and suddenly exercise might sneak in the middle and PEMF can become 3rd.

But if they get injured while they are out running, suddenly PEMF is back to first again and the rest become adjuncts.

There is a song Stevie Nicks used to sing and she wondered if she could handle the seasons of her life and, for me, the answer is having tools.

When I look at my 90-year old people around me, they had things like heart attacks and knee and hip replacements and strokes and cancer.

Exercise and diet are both part of treatment if you have cancer, but people have gotten healed using PEMF. People have recovered from strokes like Bob did, but the researchers I have read said that for the vast majority of people, recovery is disappointing, unless they supercharge it with something like TMS or LLLT or Ultrasound, etc. For me, eventually most people face something like a knee being bone on bone or a hip no longer having cartilage.

I am talking about 90 year old, but the two people around me who are so crippled by pain and who have bone on bone knees are both 65. That is young to become wheel chair bound.

Anyway, I am not in crisis. I am not poor to the degree of being homeless, which several of the people around me are and they get in pain and end up in the hospital and can never get back into housing. There just is a reality. WNPR spoke about a man who had a heart attack and went to a hospital which wasn’t in his plan and he was billed $100,000.

We live in a time when people lose their houses because of stroke or cancer.

Not trying to be morbid. I just am old enough that I am watching my relatives go through surgery and I watch my friends and relatives suddenly have $10,000 medical bills and the next year they suddenly need a root canal and are told they have Diabetes and have surgery and suddenly it is hard to repair the furnace and deal with the leaking roof. That is one person’s real example, but I could go from person to person and they have real examples exactly like that and my well-paid friend and her husband both lost their career job and both needed surgery and both have Diabetes and both had debilitating pain and their pipes burst and that is what life is like in the middle class nowadays.

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Sorry, that was a long one.

I am passionate about things because poor people and the middle class can’t afford any of it. I have friends who stopped taking their Diabetes meds years ago and they said that they couldn’t afford the meds and couldn’t afford the testing products and couldn’t afford the doctors’ copays and couldn’t afford their rent if the insurance was taken out of their salary.

My elderly relative made $8000 per year with Medicare and taxes took $2000 of that. Not much to live on at the end of the year. If people need pain meds or dialysis before they turn 65, the costs are so expensive. My relative who had brain cancer was paying $1000 per month just for pain meds.

Honestly, it is getting more and more and more expensive to live and fear of pain is one of those fears that I have as I get older. I am not 65 and the people who need medical care before then can genuinely face choosing between homelessness and pain meds. I have watched people choose homelessness and I have watched people choose to not get treated for cancer or diabetes to avoid homelessness.

I don’t know what causes so many people to become money-grubbing people who take advantage of people and then, other people become heroic and protective and sacrifice to help people. I just know it when I see it and Bob wants to help people have access to less expensive medical products and he wants to have them work. That is extraordinary. I have saved thousands of dollars of medical bills, which I don’t have.

I am very grateful to have come upon Bob and ices. I have looked long and hard for such a helpful device as this appears to be after 45 days of use. I am 70 years young. Yesterday I went out and played frisbee golf and felt better than I have in many years. I feel my battery is getting a booster charge, my motor has started up and soon will be running efficiently enough to keep charging my battery on its own. But I have found most people including my own kin will not take responsibility for their own health, and they have their own rationale for that. So I have learned to respect their decisions for themselves, as I do my own. We can sometimes lead the horse to water . But still we cannot make them drink. C’est la Vie.



That is fabulous that you are active and feeling well!

Yes, when my brother got kidney cancer, I took over preparing meals between his diagnosis and surgery and my sister-in-law let me know in no uncertain terms that they would not be continuing after the surgery. My brother said that he liked all of the food, but they just wanted to eat “normal” and he genuinely did seem to like everything, it just was all new to them and they had steak waiting in the freezer for after. He ate Whole Food Plant Based vegan for 2 months. But had no desire to stick with it. It was worth it though because if he ever does decide to make a change in his eating, he will at least have experienced it and have a concept that he didn’t mind the foods.

It is hard for many people to change.


If you have too many coils, don’t the magnetic fields cancel each other out? or is there a way to place 7 coils so that the fields don’t cancel each other out?

That would be a Bob question.

Honestly, I just tried things based on sentences by scientists saying they weren’t sure they could reach the area of the brain that they thought would help, so they aimed for an area easier to reach. That concept had me try to reach deeper.

I have had a lot of good results with my brain, but I can’t point to which thing worked. I will acknowledge that as my brain improved, I tried more things. Not sure it is wise, but I wasn’t having any negative effects.

I do recommend that people not follow me. That they do their own research and start conservative and low power and even low time.

For a long time, I used the 30 minutes TMS, before that even less.

as i understand from what @Bob has mentioned … coils from ices device connected to each port run their own frequency and do not add nor negate coils from other ports - assuming you’re using a c5 or other such ices device with multiple ports for coils. the only time it can cancel out is if there is a frequency that is set exactly to cancel out another and running on sync… but I’ll stop my conjecture and let the expert clarify…

The coils act as instantaneous magnets (for 200 microseconds during each pulse).
As such, they act like individual magnets.

Their magnetism can be added, it can subtract (cancel), or if they are far enough apart (3-4 inches), or are pulsing at different times (not synchronized), they will not interact at all.

Different pulse generators (such as when using two or more model A9s) will not be synchronized, so the pulses are not likely to interact magnetically.
A pulse generator with multiple outputs however, such as the C5, has synchronized outputs, so the coils will interact magnetically if they are placed close enough together. Synchronized outputs can be used to advantage, but you need to pay a bit of attention when using coils that are placed close together.

In this case, just use the coil tester, placed right between the coils in question, to see if they are adding (brighter green flashes), or subtracting (dimmer green flashes), when coils are placed in close proximity.

As is true with anything else related to electro-magnetism, it is extremely complex and mathematical, and there are many other details if you need an exact answer, but if you use these basic guidelines it should work well for you.