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Facial nerve damage from electrical stimulation

For nine months I was using a vagus nerve stimulator with electrodes that clipped to my left tragus. Suddenly it started causing nerve pain in my face along my cheekbone. I stopped using the device and at first the nerve seemed to calm down, but now a couple weeks later the pain seems to steadily be getting worse, more frequent, and possibly spreading up the side of my face. The nerve is connected to my nose and today even breathing and moving my head has been hurting at times.

I’ve started using my M1 with the coils side by side over the location of pain and part of my ear where the electrical signal originated. I’ve seen the recommendation elsewhere about treating nerve problems upstream, should I try that for this injury? Or maybe coils stacked over the ear? Also, any advice for securing the coils that doesn’t involve taping them to the skin over the nerve (because that seemed to aggravate it)?

Does anyone have any other recommendations, even beyond PEMF, for this type of injury?