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Eye pain from M1?

So I used the M1 on P2 at level 2 on my eyes for about 45 minutes and I have had an eye headache for about 24 hours. Why is this happening?

this happened to me too, but at a much higher power level. I’m not sure anyone can say for sure the reason for the pain. This is all experimental, and what hurt for me (at power 10, omni, 2hrs), can be completely different for others as in your case.

When I use it for eyes, I now only use my a9 at lowest power setting. I fortunately, do not have any discomfort using them that way.

someone in the forum pointed out that our eyes have high water content, and we should be careful applying them to our eyes (or any part of our head for that matter).

i’m not sure what the p2 setting is on the m1. i have only used omni for eyes.

I hope my pain starts to subside soon. I am happy that you found a way to help your eyes.

I have done this many times but on 5pps or 10pps. From 1-15 and even made a pair of faux glasses with the coils affixed to them.

With the micro pulse and the human body I would distinguish between healing pain and harming pain.

You will often—and I often—feel healing pain when the body is repairing itself.

I started small with the eyes and worked my way up to 15 on 5pps but I don’t do it that often because I have more pressing concerns personally.

Generally the effect of the energy in the cells seems to wear off about 24-48hrs after you apply the coils akin to a battery wearing out and needing to be recharged.

I’m sorry you’re feeling discomfort. I’ve been there and it’s sometimes scary but I’ve been a user for over five years now and put it everywhere on my body and had nothing but help though I have sufficient issues to have experienced periodic healing pains.

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cool… so how do you differentiate healing pain from harmful pain when working with pemf on eyes?