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Eliminating DOMS

Just wanted to say that the MP is pretty good at eliminating DOMS.

I was trying out a simple HIIT squat workout. The goal was to get to 8 sets of 10s on/20s rest, 4:00 total of AMRAP squats (As Many Reps As Possible).

In times past, I would do the workout once and literally my quads would be frozen in DOMS on day 2 for 1-2 days. In fact, even after starting out less sets, I would still get DOMS. This would happen consistently, which meant that it would be a good experiment with the MP.

To begin, I used two MPs, side-side configuration right on the top of each quad and turned the power to H. I’d use it all day after the workout, and all night. I’d evaluate soreness the morning after.

I started slow. I did 4 sets to 2:00, and then slapped on the coils. In fact, I was able to go consecutive days, increasing by one more set each day and by slapping on the coils, I would experience some tiredness but no DOMS at all. Around day 3 or so, DOMS did creep in a little and I took a day off, but still using the coils. I then kept going until I hit the 8 sets, and never felt DOMS at all. To really test this, I then did 8 sets and didn’t use the coils. Miraculously I did not have DOMS after, even without coil treatment!

In addition to the MP eliminating DOMS, I had also adapted to the activity enough to not experience DOMS.

Pretty cool stuff.


Thanks for sharing dshen.

I’m curious if you progression in total reps increased at a more rapid pace than when you had previously tried.

One question that comes to mind about reducing soreness are you reducing the positive stress to the body? Anit-oxidants like vitamin C taken right before workouts have been shown to reduce the effectiveness of the stimulus. This has also been shown with cold applied immediately after strength training. However heat like a sauna has not shown this and seems to promote faster recovery and progress.

Yes the progression in reps was very fast. I only took maybe 1 day off in the whole sequence up to the full 4:00 with 8 sets.

Also in previous attempts, even the lower set # workout, I didn’t even bother trying again until weeks later because I didn’t want to risk such severe DOMS due to other things I was doing.

I only took protein powder drinks before and after, along with carbs after. I didn’t do any other kind of recovery protocol just to keep things consistent for this particular experiment.

If you’re asking whether I tried this again without MP but with another type of recovery protocol, I did not…

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T I was trying to find studies or references that discouraged the use of cold showers after strength training but could not. Do you know of any?

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Here’s another: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4594298/

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