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Effectiveness as a treatment for Alzheimer's

I’m interested in studies and anecdotes about the use of PEMF on Alzheimer’s sufferers.

I’m not sure about effects of ices for alz, but you might want to Google magnesium threonate to find more studies and details. here’s one…


Environmental enrichment and MgT may synergistically improve recognition and spatial memory by reducing synaptic loss and restoring the NMDAR signaling pathway in AD mice, which suggests that combination of EE and MgT may be a novel therapeutic strategy for AD."

Anecdotally people tell me that it can be very helpful. But I have no solid data on this, and I agree with OptimalHealth on the matter of magnesium threonate.

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I share the below not because I have experience with Alzheimer’s but if I did here is the framework I would use for my family based on our experience to date. Sharing some thoughts (YMMV) after doing deep gut work for multiple years for my family: I have learned we were not aware our level of endotoxemia. By significantly reducing pathogenic bacteria and increasing good bacteria in our guts, it has had a transformative effect on everything from mood, presence, cognition, and energy. Butyrate (for example BodyBio Sodium Butyrate or Pure Encapsulations Sunbutyrate) will help grow the good guys and there are multiple studies in humans and mice around butyrate and Alzheimer’s. Our deep gut work involved using binders to bind some of the endotoxins prior to hitting bloodstream, taking butyrate, prebiotics and probiotics, and a killing agent to kill off bad bacteria. In addition, anything that increases energy such as RealNAD+ lozenges (no prescription required) or NAD electrophoresis patches (prescription required) also improves clarity. Another modality I recommend is experimenting with intranasal red light therapy (these can be purchased for as low as $30). There are studies on red/ infrared light being used to help Alzheimer’s patients. Dr. Michael Hamblin is a top researcher in the field.

In summary, the framework we use in our family is focused on:

  1. clean inputs into our body: A) low inflammatory diet, B) clean drinking water and C) clean air (not filled with mycotoxins),
  2. binding endotoxins (dairy-free immunoglobulins - Immunolin based supplements, bentonite and clinoptilolite zeolite clay, activated charcoal etc),
  3. Growing the good bacteria (butyrate)
  4. Reducing the bad bacteria creating them (killing agent),
  5. reducing inflammation (ICES PEMF, magnesium threonate),
  6. increasing energy (RealNAD+, light therapy etc)

Each of these have a positive effect on our mood, presence, cognition, and energy.


i recently heard about butyerate from Dr. Gundry pitching his product that my wife listened to in some fb ad video haha… ok so that’s good to know your experience matches his 1hr long pitch. what brand do you trust/use? I’ve also been looking to go back to green smoothies diet for a solid 45 days to flush my system (sterilizing with ozonated water) and boost my gut health. have to look into what produce (no sugars) to use. I’ve heard they’re good prebiotics/source of food for microbiome. The last time I experimented with green smoothies for two solid months was over 10 years ago and was a very positive experience. i only stopped bc i missed eating socially and wanted to know the results of green smoothies only type diet.

time to revisit and reset :+1:t4:

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We have used BodyBio Sodium Butyrate (capsules) and Pure Encapsulations Sunbutyrate TG (liquid - I take 2 teaspoons a day to offset some FUT2 SNPS). The latter seems to work better for us if we don’t mind the blueberry vanilla type taste.