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Dystonia - muscle spasms and pain

Hi my mum is in pain due to neck spasms caused by dystonia (an inbalance of the basal ganglia of the brain) similar to parkinsons. she also is in daily pain all over her body particuarly in the neck and pelvis (from childbirth)

my question is which device would be good and where do we place the device if she is in pain all over?

and my last question is can this device get sent to the uk?

thak you so much

Probably the model C5 would be best for her, to cover multiple areas at the same time (up to 4). I think it is important for us o hear how you use the C5 for this condition, and how well it works for her, so we can make suggestions, and so that we can start collecting useful information on how to deal with dystonia using focal PEMF, because we have so little feedback related to this important condition.