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DIY Coils for PEMF

Admins, Is this is not the place, please relocate.
Have any of you tried to build some DIY Custom Coils?
I will like to build an 12" circumference coil so I can put my feets inside in order to try alleviate my plantar fasciitis that is killing me.
The idea is to use an 3.5mm to RCA Nylon Braided adapter, then 2 pcs of RCA to Bare Wire 18 awg, and using 18 awg bare cooper, create 3.5 to 4" diameter coils.
What amount of loops are require for an A9 or C5 to work without damage them? I have been googling DIY coils for several days I have sen from 60 loops to 200 loops.
please advice!!!

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If it were simple to make larger coils, then we would simply make them and offer them. But it is not that simple, unfortunately. The coils are part of an LCR circuit that needs to be properly tuned to generate waveform shapes that are within the range where they will have biological effects. Changing the size or windings will put the device out of tune, and it will not work as well.

I have written about this hundreds of times, but briefly:
You do not need to immerse yourself in magnetic fields to have the biological benefits of PEMF. PEMF is more like acupuncture, and less like a tanning booth. If acupuncture works for you, then it will not work better, nor will it cover more of your body, if you use a really large needle. It is all about correct needle placement, not about using huge needles to “cover everything”. The same is true for focal PEMF.

If you use ICES-PEMF as directed, with the coils we provide, it is perfectly suited to your specific application. Larger coils to “cover the whole area” will simply not work as well, and probably not at all.


FYI as I’ve written elsewhere, I cured my nasty Plantar with an A9 and a pair of stacked coils running on max for about 5 hours a day. Took about a month. I originally could only do 2 hours a day while sitting, but then found a way to wear them under my heels inside a pair of Crocs so I could walk with them. This is after I suffered from the PF for over a year and tried every other remedy (you name it) without success.


This is basically the kind of intelligent persistence that allows people to effectively get the best outcomes using ICES-PEMF for otherwise “untreatable” conditions.


Also I have recurring shoulder pain where I had rotator cuff surgery years ago and I hit it with the A9 on max for 12 straight hours the other day and the pain subsided greatly.

On the flip side, neither the A9 nor the C5 have helped my wife’s tendinosis (altho going to try again soon with very low intensity). In the meantime (in case anyone else has this problem) she’s been getting some success with a far-infrared lamp.

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Tendinosis is challenging. I find what works best is lower intensity for longer time periods along with trying different coil orientations.

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good to know!
ok… please help me understand
A9 have only one output, if you used stacked coils then you treat only one foot at the time? or you use the Y audio splitter?

when you said you wear the stacked coils inside crocs, you mean under the insight sole?

that give me an idea, I can put inside any shoes $.99 Double Air-Pillo Insoles and put the coils under…
the thing is, how to protect the coils from damage?
I treat all my coils with extremely care, and already lost 3 pairs of coils!

I only had PF in my right foot. I wore the coils flat against my heel inside the Crocs and since they are so soft, I was able to walk on them and ironically the circular shape of the coils took pressure off the center of my heel where the PF was. Never damaged the coils, checked daily with signal tester. Stuck the battery unit in my sock.

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This is exactly what I did a few years ago, including using the ring to relieve point pressure on the center of the heel. This helped a lot and the problem has never come back.

I think supplementing with vitamins D3 and K2 was also very helpful.


Based on a conversation with a friend today, I thought this would be relevant:

I have a friend from college who has really bad rotator cuff degeneration. He did not mention it to me until Feb 2022. He wanted to try ICES-PEMF before undergoing surgery. So, he started using the A9 in late Feb 2022 and has been using it for about 5 - 6 weeks now. He says it definitely stopped the rapid degeneration/loss of function he was having the last few months. His PT also stated, based on his MRI images, that in his opinion, that shoulder should no longer be mobile. He is very surprised that my friend can move his shoulder at all.

Of course my friend is very active and has continued to work and exercise throughout this, and he is probably not giving himself enough time to really start to heal, but he has been able to resume work and exercise (mostly) without pain. I think he is over-doing it physically, but he says he generally feels pretty food and is willing to keep using the A9 for as long as it takes for him to recover.

He uses the device set to H as long as he can during the day (not at night), with coils side-by-side over the location of greatest pain.


I know this is an old reply but FYI I had been on 2,500 IU D3/K2 for years when I had the plantar and it did nothing. The A9 cured it and nothing else.

That’s great! Was his MRI taken before or after he started with the A9?

Ironically, I have to start using the A9 for my left shoulder as it’s started really hurting. I had rot cuff surgery on both shoulders 11 and 6 years ago but the left never healed well. I started using 2 stacked coils on max but wasn’t sure it was hitting all the areas of pain so I’m using a quad coil now. Only issue is the quad coil seems to have a dead spot in the center between all the coils (according to the sensor) but I guess that’s a limitation in the design. It’s hard to keep it in place so I just ordered a spandex/velcro shoulder brace from Amazon and will try inserting it underneath or in the ice pack pocket (without the ice pack). I’m also lasering it (altho I don’t think the laser did much for my plantar). We’ll see what happens…

dead spots aren’t quite what they seem: the spaces between acupuncture needles are not considered “dead spots” just because a needle is not at exactly that point.

Yes, a lot of people find that nutrients and supplements only work optimally when inflammation is also under control (as with an A9, for example). Many NDs have remarked to me that their dietary adjustments seem to work much better when also using PEMF.

Having a good diet never hurts…like a pack of Camels, twinkies and a coke :face_vomiting:

So is there effective PEMF being produced at the center of the quad coil in the middle of the solid plastic area?

Based on testing, it seems to be a somewhat larger area effect, not just directly under the coils.

based on testing, coils with that configuration and spacing have measurable, significant biological effects.

Thanks! I was worried about that.

I have been using the A9 from morning til night on max for 3 days now on my rotator cuff and I think I’m seeing improvement. We’ll see. Question (tho the answer’s prob no): I’m using a shoulder brace to hold the A9, and the battery pack is against my chest. The battery pack/unit itself (not the coils) emits no radiation that could be harmful to my heart, correct?