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Difference between micro current to PEMF

What is the difference between micro current and PEMF?

The simplest and most practical answer is that magnetic pulses work much better (by a factor of 1,000 or more) than microcurrent when stimulating living tissues. Magnetic pulses deliver much more consistent stimulation to much larger areas of tissue much more consistently than microcurrent possibly can.

More technical details:
Electromagnetism is a single force in nature that combines electricity and magnetism, these two aspects interact and change from one to the other and back, and depending on exactly how it is expressed in nature, people can easily confuse the two. But this does not mean that at any moment, electricity is the same thing as magnetism. Really, to understand this, you need several years of intensive study. Unfortunately this is not one of those things you can pick up on a quick google search or wikipedia.

So, we would need to look at it in a very simplified way. Maybe this will clarify it for you:

Microcurrent is electricity. It needs to be conducted, along something like a wire, and it is blocked by insulators like glass, plastic, and dry skin. Electricity can conduct through wet living tissues, but it takes a complex path of least resistance.

Magnetism behaves quite differently: it can easily pass through most insulators like dry skin, but when passing through conductors, if the magnetism changes, the conductor will resist that change in magnetism by generating what is known as an eddy current. Here are some pictures that might help you visualize it:

Microcurrent stimulators may or may not reach the tissues you want because they wander around based on the conductance of the tissues. Magnetic fields pretty much penetrate all of the tissues where they can reach, so when you change the magnetic field (a magnetic pulse is a changing magnetic field), it induces electric fields everywhere within the magnetic field, thus stimulating all of the tissues you are targeting.

So, if you calculate it, magnetic pulses are about 1,000 to 10,000 times more efficient at delivering microcurrents than the simple application of direct microcurrent.


Hi Bob,
Thanks so much for your detailed response. I’ve just found out about micro current and made an investment in a micro current device. I’ve had some reduction of pain in the knee osteoarthritis I have but not as much as I was expecting.
I’m 80 years old. X-rays show a bone on bone condition. What improvement in pain and cartilage rejuvenation can I expect to see if I had your PEMF equipment?
I’m on a keto diet, take supplements in the form of dried herbs, seaweeds, mushrooms and spices daily and I’m willing to make any necessary changes. I don’t want knee replacement surgery!
Any suggestions would be grateful appreciated.
Thanks again,
Marion Ellner

Microcurrent and PEMF seem, in my scientific opinion, to put cells and tissues into a state where they are better able to heal and regenerate. But this is a lengthy process, it is not something that is forced or quick. You might expect to note that once your tissues readjust, the problem seems to slowly get better over time instead of slowly getting worse. The process can take many months or longer, but in my experience it is far better to have things getting better slowly than to have them slowly deteriorating.

That being said, beyond a certain point it appears that getting major joints to begin to regenerate becomes less possible. I know this from anecdotal reports and from personal experience, but there is nothing really relevant in the peer-reviewed scientific literature. In my case, I started using PEMF on my right hip promptly, and it seems to have recovered nicely and has not caused me a problem for more than a decade. I waited too long to do the same for my left hip (about 2 years, to try my gen 6.0 ICES-PEMF on it which I was developing at that time), but the delay was too long, and I was not able to recover with ICES-PEMF, and eventually had to have the left hip replaced.

Also, some badly damaged joints are supported partly by inflammation, so when PEMF reduces that inflammation, the joint can become more unstable and more easily injured. You need to consider that if it happens to you. Your joint anatomy may readjust to the reduced swelling, or it may not. I think individual people vary, so you need to consider this when trying PEMF for a major joint.

Lessons learned:
1 - You can slow or maybe even reverse the degeneration in major joints
2- Do not wait to long to try it
3- Do not expect miracles
4- Be persistent, but not too aggressive
5- Some badly damaged joints are supported partly by inflammation, so be very careful not to risk additional damage or injury.


You may want to consider Shockwave Therapy, or ESWT. Do a search and see what you think, also to find out if there is anyone in your area that offers it. It has saved people from hip replacements and knee replacements among many other things.

Hi Bob,
When I bought the micro current device I also bought a PEMF pad. It’s
6” X 12” and has 3 Tesla coils. I have no idea what wave it’s functioning on. I used it at 24.30 Hz for one hour with the pad under my knees. I felt a little queasy afterwards and didn’t treat again until today.
I wasn’t able to get off of the bed without crutches before I started micro current treatments. Now I can walk, in the morning without crutches and in practically no pain. So I’m feeling positive about the treatments.

Hi Jon,
Thanks for your suggestions. I live in Bali Indonesia. It’s difficult to find most treatments that are not mainstream. I will look into the treatments you suggested.
I’m trying to buy procaine but can’t find it without an antibiotic in it. I’d like to do prolotherapy. An injection of procaine and ozone into the knee. Procaine is a good for cell proliferation in combination with ozone.
Nissan again,

Thanks again… spell check!

It sounds like you are more sensitive to PEMF than the average person. So I think it is likely you would be more responsive to micro-current as well. Basically they are the same physical mechanism when you get down to details, but micro-current will be more hit-or-miss, and have variable effects due to changes in skin resistance.

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Thanks again for your help. It’s very much appreciated.
Warm regards,

Hi Marion,
Keep in mind that that the body cannot possibly replace nothing with something…I’m referring-to collagen production and specifically ascorbates, vitamin C and perhaps some bio-flavinoids along with PEMF…
You’ll need a properly buffered product, and, as an answer to prayer I found Bronson non-acidic Vitamin C powder. Almost tasteless, I even mix it in water. In times past I could cure almost any bodily ailment by chugging 5 grams of C in OJ or whatever. Now 72 and diabetic, that no-longer works. Seems the old body cannot process highly-acidic C and the sugar. I now take 1/2 teaspoon daily (2 grams).
Best To You,


I am interested in purchasing a shockwave machine for craniocervical instability. What are your thoughts on shockwave for ligaments that are in such a sensitive area?
Do you have direct experience with shockwave?


Shockwave machines tend to cost $75,000 and up. Also, there is some skill and technique that goes with using them. Also the number of treatments needed is often quite low. Since posting about this I have had a series of 5 treatments. One area I got treated was a knee reconstruction from an injury. The treatment was quite painful, which is an indicator that this is an area in need of the treatment and benefiting from it. Another area was cervical spine. This area was not painful at all to treat and I don’t know in either case if there was benefit. The third area was my ear where an explosion a couple of years ago caused hearing damage. This area was treated with a high power laser instead of the shockwave and I have not been able to identify a benefit. I put A9 coils over each ear 24X7 for several months after the damage. At first it seemed like there was quick progress, then progress stopped. It is generally considered not possible to repair hearing damage after this long, but my thought is that if stem cells in the area are so inclined then anything is possible. I am now trying X39 patches, which have been clinically shown to boost endogenous stem cell activity. I’m also using the PEMF over the ears again while I sleep. Fortunately the clicking does not bother me.

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