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Device Power Supply and adapter. EU Adapter. Voltage

This may be obvious for some people, but I want to ask before to feel safe.
So, my C5 have arrived. Thanks again for the terrific comunication via mail.

Included in the package was a power adapter with US-plug. The specs is input: AC100-240V 50/60HZ 0.5A output: DC5V = 2.1A. Living in sweden we use the eu plug.

I was having a hard time finding a power adapter with the output DC5V =2.1A.
Having several classic adapters for my android phone with output: DC5V = 1.55A, would they work as a replacement? I understand the importance that it is the same voltage, 5V, but not sure what role the ampere have here.

I just want to be sure and care for the device :sweat_smile:

Flagging @Bob to weigh in

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Thanks @TajD,

@Kasper_Peterson, I designed the C5 system to use the most universally available power supply possible: 5 volts as supplied from any USB charger port. So, your task is straight forward:

1 - Find a way to plug in a standard, type-A USB charger port to the grid power supplied by your country.

2 - Power your C5 from that USB charger, or an extension cable plugged into that USB charging port.

Also, you have the option of powering your C5 from a battery power bank that provides 5 volt USB power output ports.


Any USB Power adapter from a modern Smartphone can deliver 5V/2A. I use the one of my Nexus4 EU version to charge the PowerBank for my C/B5. Out of convenience I operate my B/C5 only with Powerbanks which cost approx 20€ and deliver the 2A.

You could also use an US/EU Adapter for the Powerplug of the shipped power supply.