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Detox pathways

Does anyone have any suggestions on how to use ICES to clear and help open detox pathways?

If you do please let me know the following:

  1. Where to apply
  2. Which protocol to use
  3. Strength setting
  4. Amount of time to use and work up to

Thank you so much

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:+1: I would like any suggestions on this as well.
I just used Omni 8 at level 8 for 30 minutes.
I’ll see how that goes.

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I am busy doing an IR sauna detox. I put the C5 on intensity 8 using a pad over liver and then each of my kidneys before and afdter session.
Not sure if it improves kidney and livers ability to detox?
Also combining detox with specialized paleo diet, weight loss, exercise, supplements and various binders chelators as well as intermittent fasting.
After 2 weeks it seems to be working but it is too early to tell.
Will update if anyone is interested.


I’m guessing that placing it on the liver would help, but I really wanted to know what protocol and what setting to put it on.

I also wonder if placing the coils over lymph nodes would help?

Hoping someone else will be able to give more insight :slight_smile:

I’ll take a stab at this but it’s probably not what you want to hear. :grinning:
It sounds to me like you have misunderstanding how the body works and also you haven’t taken the time to read the website to gain understanding of the device. Pemfenthusiast is trying to tell you that the body works wholistically and there is no magic button for that. If you know of a particular weak link in your case such as lymph, liver or whatever, which you determined by test or pain etc , then you could target that with pemf for sure. But detox is mainly about aligning yourself with health thru diet, exercise, etc and pemf is simply an adjunct to that. The protocol setting is mostly irrelevant . Power setting is totally individual and must be adjusted by your own experience as you go. If you are looking for some magical device that will enable you to continue irresponsible health habits without suffering ill effects, I’m afraid this is not the one.

Agree with what you have said basically.
As an adjunct therapy: Kidney massages from chinese masters might be useful. Have not come across a liver massage yet, but its probably out there (available)as well if you research hard enough.
These coils might help the liver depending on many factors, however as Prometheus correctly said it is no magic bullet on its own. It is merely a possible adjunctive therapy in my opinion, unless credible evidence to the contrary occurs.
Abstaining from alcohol, and doing a liver friendly diet might prove to be more beneficial, than PEMF.
Adding PEMF, to the regiment might help as well.

i have been using my a9 on my gut side by side on high setting and sometimes get gurgling and or gas… there have been a few times it led to a bathroom run which did not coincide with my usual #2 schedule…

with my kids, i have noticed placement there have brought similar results as mine, and at times without knowing what the cause may have been they would feel nauseous with slight upset stomachs. i have yet to have those experiences. other times my 8yo would have a positive experience telling me he felt refreshed without my coaxing/suggesting such reaction… I’ll continue this for the next 3 months to see how things progress…

UPDATE: I’ve continued using this on my gut as well as on my kids guts. the kids reactions consistently have been from feeling of anywhere between malaise to euporia depending on state of their gut … what does that mean? :man_shrugging: what they have eaten, what is actually going on/evolving in microbiome from their diet… too many factors and things i don’t know about going on. in general, the sense is that pemf does assist in the body’s repair… one consistent sign is that it helps me eliminate after an hour of usage over gut area even if i had already gone according to my daily elimination schedule (#2 :poop:)!

so my experience has been from no reaction to gut eliminating toxins thru BM :+1:t3:

In continuing with discussing the detox pathways, I have decided to try using PEMF on my lymph nodes. Has anyone tried using PEMF on their lymph nodes? Here is a diagram I am using:

for the last 5 days, I have been sleeping with the coils covering my kidneys. the next 3 days, I will and have already begun to place them under my armpits (one coil each) set on M using my a9. Next will be my neck, for 3days, abdomen for 3 days, and finally 3 days groin area… the three major areas for lymph nodes.

haha… i’m learning the anatomy (forgot it all in freshman biology, h.s.):
so apparently i covered my right kidney (where i thought i was focusing on my liver). altho, i’m sure the depth of the magnetic field reached the liver anyway. as you can tell, i’m formulating my strategy as I type.

I think i’ll hit my lymph nodes during the day and organs at night. Will see how this goes. Generally speaking, I have noticed an overall alertness. I usually get groggy everyday by 4p. I thought it was the ICES water i had been drinking, and it well could be, but I have also been running the device at night with it on the mid right side of my back. during the day it has been over my front right side of my body (liver).

the symptoms have been gas, stomach gurgling, and noticeable distinctions going #2 in color, odor, artifacts that I can just keep to myself to spare the imagination. only a day of mild headache and jaw pain, but the rest has been noticeable in going #2.

interesting…i don’t know if anyone has experienced this or even if this is related or just coincidence of what i felt after putting coils 2 side by side on each side under my arms using the splitter at max setting for about 5hrs during the day…

after doing that i had this shoulder socket type achiness on the right side… dunno how to describe it… like i had to rotate, stretch it to feel better… anyone have this kind of symptom? other side felt fine tho. maybe was just some coincidence fluke? :man_shrugging:t2: