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Depression, Anxiety, PTSD

Someone recommended the ICES® DigiCeutical® P9 Model System to me. It successfully treated her depression. It is sold out. Will it be back in stock or Is there comparable model that is recommended for Depression, Anxiety, and PTSD?

We are building the first batch of full-production P9’s now. A few final components have not been delivered yet. They will probably be delivered by the end of March, maybe sooner. We have to make sure everything is correct.

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Thank you Bob for your immediate response.

@gajh The M1 is the comparable model. The P9 is basically the M1 but with a redesigned case allowing for 9v battery, plus built in coils (with plug for optional use of wired coils).

If you wanted to get started with ICES PEMF, you could get the M1 now and use that since the actually functionality of the device (power levels, ICES PEMF, protocols) is the same.

On the topic of PTSD specifically, have you tried EMDR with a EMDR trained counselor?

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@gajh, it looks like we may have just a few P9’s to sell in the next week or two, before the full order for components is delivered next month. Fingers crossed.

You might contact “support@micro-pulse.comsupport@micro-pulse.com
to let Chris know that you want to order a P9 as soon as they are available.