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Dementia aphasia

For the past week and a half, I have been using the iCES on the left side of the head of a 90-year-old woman with severe aphasia.

There has been a remarkable improvement already.

During the week, last week, she started speaking more 3-word sentences. By Saturday night, she said a few 6-word sentences and it has been well over a year since she could do that.

Tonight, she asked me 5 questions and that blew my mind. It has been at least 3 years since she could ask things in the form of a question and it was as if she heard herself asking the questions and became fascinated and asked more.

I have been using Schumann 3 - I think 3 but definitely Schumann. Slightly over half-power. I looked at images of the brain related to speaking and put a coil on each section in the diagrams and keep it on for hours. Eventually she takes it off but when she tries to take it off right away, I ask her to leave it for 2 hours.


I wanted to give more specifics of the aphasia results.

The woman has still been able to say three-word sentences for the past year but only affection sentences. I stay overnight with her and she says, “I like you” and “I love you” and “You’re nice” but anything more complicated than that she goes into gibberish.

The first week, there wasn’t much change at night but by the end of the week the day aide said that she seemed to be speaking a little better. I spoke with a few of her sons and they said that there was a slight change in how sophisticated her language was. Usually, when she had to go to the bathroom, she would say pee pee pee but she said, “I have to piss” which is not something she ever would have said but it was a sentence.

It has been about 2 weeks and she went from, a year of “ like you” to, on Saturday she playfully grabbed my hand and said, I’m not going to let you go” and tonight she started asking questions. The ones I can remember are, “Are you going to sit?” “Are you going away again?” “Are you going to stay?” “Are you putting that on my ear?” (When the coil slid out of the headscarf.)


Hi @bettereveryday how are you doing? You are one of the original forum contributors sharing lots of experiences.

haven’t seen you around in a long time… glad to see you’re helping others with ices tech! hope this tech becomes the go to pemf tech in mainstream!

Hi, I am doing well. Busy with elder care and a full time job on top of that. But I am doing well.

Yeah, it has been a while since I played with the ICES. I started again with my relative’s aphasia but I couldn’t do it consistently. I also hadn’t bought coils so long that I wasn’t sure mine were working anymore and I didn’t know where my coil tester was.

Okay, update on this. I never was able to use the ICES consistently enough to know whether it helped the aphasia but something just happened to bring me back to it.

The 91-year-old fell and hurt her back and was having pinched nerve pain. Reluctantly, we gave children’s ibuprofen, but the doctor wasn’t in favor of it because if she has a hidden problem with her liver, ibuprofen could be dangerous.

What happened though is that ibuprofen helped her back pain but also, she was back to being able to say sentences. In fact, she said 4 sentences in a row and asked a few questions. That speaking ability lasted the whole week we had her on ibuprofen and immediately stopped again after we took her off to protect her liver function.

I ended up buying new coils and the ICES helped her back pain with the coils on her back but not having the ibuprofen took her speech away again.

I am going to move the coils up to her head after her back pain is fully resolved because now I am convinced that lowering inflammation might really help her. She had almost no coherent speech in 2024 until the Ibuprofen but I am going to try to figure out how to put her on an anti-inflammatory diet but first I want to play with the ICES and see if I can duplicate what happened on the Ibuprofen.

She said to me, “I love you. I love you. You are such a sweetheart. I want to keep you.” Every family member said that she was doing so much better.

I am wondering if the ICES decreases inflammation in a spot-treatment way versus ibuprofen in a more general way? Obviously, I have no idea about these things but I know that the speech wasn’t from the back pain going away because the ICES worked even better than Ibuprofen for that but her speech didn’t stay.

Glad to have you posting back in the forum! In pediatric cases of severe microglial activation such as PANS/PANDAS which is a form of autoimmune encephalitis, Ibuprofen is one of the first things a knowledgeable doctor will recommend to try to lower inflammation. Based on pattern matching from experiences with that condition, changing diet, using pro resolving mediators, something like Theracurmin or other bioavailable curcumin, and other ways to lower systemic inflammation may be of benefit as well.