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Deep field coils

I just received my deep field coils and notice the clicking is alot louder than with regular coils stacked or on opposite sides,at the same power level (9 is normally what I default to). My question is, if the power level is equal do the different coils have different intensities? I know the deep field coils is supposed to be used ij order to obtain deeper penetration but does this mean that 9 doesn’t really equal 9 if using deep field coils?

By stacking coils like that, for any given power setting, the actual power is increased by about 65% due to addition of magnetic fields, plus the effects of changing the geometry of the coil as a solenoid (number of turns, length and turns/meter).

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i primarily use these instead of the regular coils. I find I get great results in a much shorter time period.

Is there a way to test these using the coil testers? I can’t see since they are wrapped, whether or not the testers light up.

What power setting and program do you use and for what sorts of issues? Thanks in advance

Omni Around 8. Everything. Even a tooth that bothers me.