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De Quervain Tenosynovitis

Anyone here knows anything about this problem and which one of the PEMF devices would work best to treat it?

actually, yes, I have had two people tell me it helped them with this or something that had a similar set of symptoms. As I recall, one was a hockey player: full contact, and he was pretty old for that. I think he felt it was the result of how he had been holding the hockey stick while playing, but I do not think he was sure about that.

Anyway, neither were not specific about exactly how they treated it, but I believe they each were just using a model A9 (this was a few years ago) , and it took a few days (longer than a week as I recall), but the swelling reduced and they both got good relief. It seemed to solve the problem for them, and I think did not come back, so far as I know.

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That’s great to hear. You said that was a few years ago, would you recommend the same unit today for that problem?

Still, I would suggest an A9 or an M1. It depends what you want to spend (M1 is a bit more expensive), and what else you want to do with it, for example:

  • brain wave entrainment?
  • experiment with other pulse patterns?
  • better portability/wearability (M1 is 25% smaller and lighter than the A9)

I just received the A9 today and I used it for 2 hours. I watched the instuctional videos and as recommended, I started with M. I was not expecting a miracle just some relief from the pain. Unfortunately that did not happen. Any suggestion?
In the videos it showed that the coils are covered with tape, for stability. Can the coils be placed uncovered, directly on the skin?

Yes, you can tape or re-shape the coils as you need to to get them to conform where you need to. The coils can be placed directly on the skin, or you can use layers of cloth between the coils and skin. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

To get this to work for your De Quervain Tenosynovitis, I would try different placement locations of the coils (on or around where the tendons come close to bone, for example), and I would consider setting the power a bit higher, to “H”, and try to use the system for at least 6 hours per day, which may be easiest when sleeping, for example. Problems of this general type, including carpel tunnel syndrome, may take up to 3 weeks of daily use to really respond well, even though some people respond well in under a week. The individual variation is large with these sorts of problems. Some people respond relatively quickly, others take a few weeks, and some people do not seem to rspond well to this technology. If you are going to respond well, you should feel an improvement within 2 weeks though.

I really don’t want surgery, I’ll give it two weeks. I hope I do respond.